Pumpkin Patch 2020


pumpkin patchOver the last eight months, COVID-19 has changed many things. It has affected spring, summer activities, the 4th of July, how we are using our outdoor spaces, and much more. We have tried to make the most out of having a little extra time, and our neighbors have been successful in creating and enjoying fun, new traditions at The Waters. 

Fall is always a wonderful time in our neighborhood, and our annual Fall Festival is a big part of that. While we were not able to have the event this year, we came up with something that we might just have to add to our list of permanent fall activities: The Waters Pumpkin Patch!

H1: Fall Fun for Everyone

Our goal with the pumpkin patch was to create a fun and festive, small-scale event that would not involve big crowds all at once. We held the event over two days from 12-6 p.m. so that everyone had plenty of opportunities to stop by and space out their visit. This plan worked out great.

We ordered a large batch of pumpkins from SweetCreek Farm Market, a local favorite in Pike Road. We set the pumpkins up in the green space outside of the New Waters Realty office, and it really looked like a pumpkin patch! To add even more interest and charm, we also borrowed a vintage truck from a neighbor to use as a photo-op area. 

Over the two days, we gave away 276 pumpkins! The neighborhood kids loved it, and it’s now a fun game to find all the pumpkins from the patch on everyone’s porches. 

pumpkin patchOne thing about the pumpkin patch that was a little surprising, but a great added bonus, was that it appealed to all ages. We knew kids would love it, but many parents stopped by with their children as well. They also seemed to really enjoy seeing friends and having a chance to visit for a little while in a distanced, outdoor setting. We even saw a few of our retired neighbors, which we loved. While they don’t usually come out to our more “kid-centered” events, the pumpkin patch was a little more low-key and enjoyable for all ages.

We all feel ready for our regular social events to resume as normal, but until that time comes, at The Waters we will continue finding new and unique ways for our residents to enjoy seasons and holidays. Our pumpkin patch was a wonderful event that allowed us to do something fun while also giving back to our sweet neighbors.

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