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Welcome to The Waters

A wink of sun through the trees. The distant call of a heron. This is life at The Waters, a forever kind of place where beauty is your next door neighbor and the lake a close friend. And where everybody waves at everybody else just because. It’s where real estate in Pike Road, AL, and the Montgomery area is defined by beautifully crafted Southern homes, planned to embrace the outdoors and surround you with the latest features. It’s where the porches are deep, where children can be children and dogs can be dogs. It’s where family dreams and Pike Road new homes take on a unique character, charm, and quality of life. Come make a life of it!

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Located in the amazing town of Pike Road, adjacent to Montgomery, Alabama’s capital city, this thoughtfully designed new home community is a place where people of all ages & stages can feel at home. The Waters is everything that Pike Road and Montgomery real estate should be – a community that creates a sense of place, with thoughtful amenities and a rewarding lifestyle filled with family and friends, recreation and relaxation, comfort, and convenience. With the natural beauty of lakes, parks, and hundreds of acres of common space, The Waters in Pike Road offers you an extraordinary way of life while setting new standards for River Region homes and lifestyles.

Throughout the neighborhood, you will find a wide array of amenities. Whether you want to relax at the pools, treat your dog to some time at the Bark Park, or take the kids to the park we have you covered. The Waters has dedicated over 60% of the community to parks, lakes, and green space! Contact us today at 334-272-3200 to tour The Waters and discover all that the community has to offer.

The Waters is the perfect place to call home. With our endless amenities, quality homes built by trusted builders, and our front porch friendly community, it’s a perfect location for those at any stage of life. Browse our current home and homesite listings, or stop by today for a neighborhood tour!


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My family is military. We were assigned to Maxwell AF for just over 11 months. We wanted a place that gave us an experience of a lifetime. We found it in The Waters. The community is hidden away from the metropolitan area of Montgomery. If you ever wanted to feel safe at home and in your neighborhood, this is the place. My two favorite things about living in The Waters was that my kids’ school was a golf cart ride away, and when school was over, they’d play outside with neighborhood kids until the sun went down. The environment was very Americana and you got to know how great your neighbors were. If you are planning on a temporary stay for a year or two, or looking to find something more permanent, The Waters should be on the top of your list!
Additionally, there are not enough words on a page to describe how awesome our agent is. LJ Smith is the man! LJ guided us through the entire process of building a new home, virtually, and continues to take care of us today. My agent is part of the team for life. LJ is an expert at his craft and invests in the people and partnerships…he’ll take care of you!

The Utulo Family

We often remark on how our move to The Waters was meant to be! During a visit with our son and family (who was stationed here attending the military college), we took a drive to visit various communities. We had been looking for a place to get out of the cold Wisconsin winters. Everything we looked at in Alabama and elsewhere had a sterile feel. And then we drove down the Avenue of the Waters! It was love at first sight! We looked at a few model homes and called LJ Smith to ask some questions. His response, “I have just the lot for you!” and he was right. We bought the lot the next day.

We went back to Wisconsin and didn’t return until the home was built. It was really just that easy. LJ made it the smoothest by far of the four homes we have built. It was exciting to receive all of LJ’s photos during the build process. It’s been two years and all the neighbors on every side have been such a gift. They are all wonderful, warm and friendly folks. Walks in the neighborhood are longer than expected as everyone stops to chat, even strangers.

We still pinch ourselves!

Paul & Beth Hardy

In 2018 my daughter decided she wanted her upcoming wedding to be at The Chapel at The Waters. My wife Beverly & I had been out there a few times to visit friends but had never really taken a tour of the entire neighborhood, and since we were coming out here regularly making wedding preparations we decided to see as much as we could with each trip. We had lived in the same home in Montgomery for about 30 years and had been considering a move for some time. Each visit here reenforced in us that this was where we wanted to live. So we picked out a design that suited us, and we got in touch with the realtor listed on one of the fliers we picked, up who was Larry (LJ) Smith. When we had questions, he always had the right answers and was willing and ready to help us as a liaison between us and the builder, regularly checking with us to make sure the work was done right every step of the way. If it wasn’t just the way we wanted it, he immediately made certain that it was. LJ was a true friend to us, and still is. We finished our home and moved in two years ago and I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else. He still checks in regularly with us.

Mary & Beverly Pace

I got in touch with Larry LJ Smith to let him know I was interested in buying a small home at The Waters in Pike Road, something for a young professional as a first home purchase. The perfect home for me became available to purchase just a few months later. LJ immediately contacted me to let me know a small, 900 square foot home right in the heart of Lucas Point was for sale and that I was going to have to act quickly as this house was sure to sell almost right away. LJ helped me submit a strong offer and I was under contract before I could blink twice. LJ helped me navigate the throws of purchasing a home, albeit rather gracefully given the frenzied nature of the housing market. Thanks to LJ’s expertise, I successfully moved into my home the next month and have been loving it since. My neighbors on Chapel Hill Street have been nothing but wonderful and helpful to me since I have moved in. The charming atmosphere and the great fishing opportunities just down the street from me are what I love about calling The Waters home.

Michael Rice

As you drive through The Waters to Dawson Creek you wind around the beautiful Lake Cameron that invokes a sense of serenity and calm. Whether you’re gazing out in the early morning as the fog is rising over the lake, or taking in one of the magnificent sunsets you can’t help but marvel at nature and its peacefulness. Front porch living here is more than waving at neighbors as they walk by, it’s where neighbors become friends. In a world that can sometimes be disconnected – here you connect, you stop and have conversations, you give a helping hand. The Waters is more than just a neighborhood, but more importantly, we are a community that’s neighborly to each other. Come join us. 

E. Buchanan

We bought our home in The Waters this summer. Having visited the neighborhood several times prior to finding our new home, living here seemed like a dream. With the wonderful help of our realtor Larry “LJ”  Smith, we toured the neighborhood and realized this was definitely the dream we wanted to come true. LJ was able to find the perfect home for us and made our dream a reality. We have been overjoyed since the day we moved in. It is absolutely beautiful out here and every day feels like a vacation. We feel so blessed to be able to call The Waters home.

The Freemans

Our family moved to The Waters last summer. We love our new home and neighborhood. The sense of community we feel has surpassed our expectations. Among the things we enjoy are out front porch conversations with neighbors and passers-by which reminds me of simpler days of my youth in my tiny hometown in south Alabama, where neighbors knew and cared about one another. We also enjoy the opportunities for outdoor living including long walks by the lake with our dog, riding our golf cart, kayaking, swimming and fishing. We love it here. Our only regret is not moving here sooner.

G. Locklier

A Sunday drive led to a new and exciting quality of life! The Rice family (party of 5) took a Sunday drive to explore Pike Road in October 2018. From pumpkins to fall foliage, to football tailgates and kids playing in the green spaces, we knew we had to live here! After serving in the military for over 20 years, The Waters of Pike Road is our forever home. We have the best neighbors and every day, we feel like we’ve stepped back in time.  We LOVE living at the Waters.

The Rice Family

Life is Good and life at The Waters is Awesome!
My home search took 1 1/2 years, and I probably looked at every housing community in the Montgomery area. Buying a home at The Waters turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life, and I am not exaggerating. I look at houses and communities everywhere I go and compare them to The Waters. The result of the comparison so far, The Waters has a unique character as a whole community and its individual homes stand out the best from my point of view. For me, the best feeling is to drive into The Waters. Every time I pull in from Marler Road I say to myself, “It is gorgeous”.

The Lee Family

We came to The Waters not expecting to stay. We thought we’d rent a place for a few months while we searched the Pike Road area for a few acres and a place to make a home. The first evening in our new place, some neighbors brought food and wine and introduced themselves; and things only got better from there. We never actually got around to looking for another property because we found ourselves involved in all of the events and happenings with neighbors and new friends we’d made. In pretty short order, we admitted to each other that we’d really just like to stay in The Waters and make a home of it. All this might seem fairly mundane until you consider the fact that Pike Road is our 15th location together in 30 years. We’ve lived a lot of places and could have chosen any of them, but The Waters has a sense of community that we never felt as strongly in any of the other locations. We love the place and the people

C. Calderone

I have never experienced a more welcoming and pleasant neighborhood than the Waters in Pike Road!! When I relocated to the area in May 2018, my husband and I never really felt like we found our “home” until we bought our house in The Waters. Every neighborhood and community in the world has its ups and downs, but The Waters is full of kind-hearted neighbors who have welcomed us with open arms. I’ve also been blown away by the amount of giving and supporting that happens in the neighborhood … new fundraisers for local people and missions every day. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The Porter Family

When we started looking at homes in The Waters, we were drawn to the style of the architecture and the proximity to the school.  Now that we live here we’ve realized that is just the bare minimum of what this wonderful neighborhood has to offer!  Not a day goes by that we don’t make use of the amenities, take a ride in our golf cart, or get a wave or smile from a friendly face.  We’ve met so many sweet neighbors since moving here and look forward to raising our family in this tight-knit community.  It’s a place like no other and we are thankful to be here!

S. Williams

When we moved to The Waters we knew we were going to enjoy our time here, but we had no idea just how much we would end up loving it!  There is a great sense of security being surround by wonderful neighbors we now call friends!  We are all family here and that means a lot. We absolutely love our community events and all they have to offer!  We spend most of our time in the summers at one of our relaxing pools with amazing lake views and we feel like we are on vacation! We even make family time to hop in the golf cart to grab the mail and stop for some great food or ice cream at H20 Market (it’s one of our favorite places to eat and our friends there make it even better)!  We have a beautiful community with wonderful people and the most breathtaking sunsets over Lake Cameron I’ve ever seen! What’s not to love?!

The Ford Family

I have loved living at The Waters.  I moved to Pike Road from Birmingham, AL and looked at several other neighborhoods. They were all very nice with great houses, but when I looked at a house in The Waters, I knew this was going to be my home. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help me with anything I need, and I always feel very safe.  Every time I am driving in or out of the neighborhood and I get to see our incredibly beautiful view, I just have to thank God for providing such an awesome place for me to call home.

The Michel Family

This place is like living in a painting. Every day is beautiful and the neighbors are so very nice. The staff is incredible and very accommodating. We have to pinch ourselves every day to make sure we’re not living in a dream. Come join us

The Hawk Family

We moved to The Waters in 2015 at the beginning of Pike Road School’s first year.  We settled into the neighborhood quicker than we ever imagined. We already knew a lot of people in the neighborhood and have family that lives here too. Our kids have lots of other children their age to play with and we have made great friendships with many new neighbors as well. I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy fishing in Lake Cameron with our kids. Andi and I also enjoy spending time with friends at the pool or spending time by the fire pit on cool nights in the fall.  There is always something to do with the many events and amenities available to Waters residents. I could not imagine living and raising a family anywhere else!

T. Graydon

Working and living in The Waters is a unique way of life. My clients are my friends. Owning The Spot Activity Center allows me the opportunity to invest in the lives of The Waters smallest residents, while meeting new neighbors. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, births of new little ones and holidays together.  We look out for one another and support each other. It truly feels like a family.

The Van Gilder Family

The Waters is truly a magical place and we feel so lucky to live here! The sense of community is unlike any place we’ve lived before. Scenic views, great amenities, amazing people… it’s a great place to make a life.

The Blossom Family

I have lived at the Waters for two and one-half years. I find it to be a wonderful community of people. It is beautiful, has amenities for everyone and quite a few events in the spring and summer. It is the best thing going in the tri-county area!!!

K. Speigner

Imagine waking up to wildlife every morning and having a gorgeous sunset walk before bed every night. That is real life at the Waters! Not to mention the ease of access to H20 Café, Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop, Pike Road Schools and activities. It’s a great life! 

The Young Family

We have lived here for 12 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Our neighbors are like family to us. Heaven on earth!

The Evans Family

Great place to be. We’ve lived here since 2007. Currently building our third home in the Waters

The Burlingame Family

We LOVE life at The Waters!! The amenities, the beauty, the neighbors, the school, we love it all! Community events are always a great time, providing opportunities for neighbors to strengthen relationships. Life at The Waters is truly top-notch!

The McBrayer Family

The Waters is a magical place to live. It is like a vacation every day. The sky is brighter, the sunsets, stunning. The neighbors and loving and kind! Great place to have a home!

I built my home at The Waters in 2006. The peace, tranquility and love I have for this amazing neighborhood is even stronger today than when I first fell in love with The Waters

J. Akridge

“We moved to The Waters in 2018 for the opportunity to raise our family in such a unique setting of beauty, nature, and community that this neighborhood offers. We were drawn in by the beautiful streetscapes, the unmatched amenities, and the kids that were playing outside on nearly every block each time we visited. Fast forward to now, and we’re getting settled into our second home in The Waters and have loved our new Russell Construction home in Dawson Creek. The attention to detail in construction, the perfect combination of modern, yet timeless, design elements and fixtures, and the thoughtful and functional floorplan truly make this house feel like ‘home.’ Even our daughter, Collier Emeline, hasn’t stopped talking about how much she loves it!”

The Boyd Family

“Allen and I have looked at The Waters for years. With real estate the way it was, we decided it was time! We love the sense of community, the architecture (I LOVE the porches) and the feel of a small town atmosphere. I’m looking forward to decorating for Christmas and every holiday from now on in the best neighborhood. When we turn in, Allen says “Can you believe we finally live here?” It’s a great feeling!” 

The Powers Family

I bought a homesite in The Waters community and couldn’t be happier! Originally, I wanted to purchase at Lake Martin, but received an email and call from my realtor, Becky Haigler, who insisted (in her nice way) that I should look at properties in The Waters. So, I figured that I would take a look at the properties and move on to something I really wanted. However, I was just so surprised that a community like that, with all its amenities, which includes world class fishing, actually existed close to Montgomery. Once I saw one of the beautiful lake houses, I had to have one. I shared with Becky before we started working together that I probably wasn’t going to be an easy customer. She was incredibly patient, kind, considerate, and understanding of my unique circumstances. I can’t tell you how many times I toured the neighborhood before deciding on a location. All I can say is that Becky was accommodating along the way. Even after I chose the lot and signed the contract, Becky continued to work with me on zeroing in on the type of house that I would build on it and continues to this day. She pays close attention to details and even shared a sketch with me of a house that I described, in casual conversation. She was there at closing with some great gifts – totally surprised me. In the past, I’ve purchased five properties, but never received champagne and chairs to view the beautiful sunsets. There’s so much more that I can share with you, but it would take too long. All I can say is, if you are looking for a house by the lake, call Becky and tour The Waters community. Both Becky and The Waters community are awesome! Tre Spencer

Tre Spencer

There is something about leaving the hustle and bustle of work and coming home to the peaceful setting in the Waters. My boys and I love the fantastic amenities and have enjoyed meeting our neighbors. It’s truly a great community and we could not be happier!
Sommer Vaughn

After my husband passed away, I felt like a change would be good for me. In February 2024 I purchased a home in the Waters. When I pulled into the neighborhood I felt like I was “home.” It is a dream come true. It has a small town feel with the friendliest people I have ever met. Everyone waves when you pass them and offers a hand when I need it. The amenities are incredible. My grandchildren love the pool and soon we will try kayaks and the pontoon boats. There is literally something for everyone. Tennis and pickleball are on my to-do list, too. So far, my favorite part about the Waters is that it is golf cart friendly. There is nothing more peaceful than riding along the lake at sunset. I am so happy to call the Waters my home and look forward to this new chapter in my life.

S. Shaw

As a military family, it can sometimes take a while to make a new house and community feel like home. This was not the case since we have moved into the Waters! On day one, our kids made friends with amazing neighbors, and our roots have continued to deepen in the year we have lived here. From our kids going to school on a golf cart or bike, to meeting friends at the pools, or meeting new neighbors at community events; we are constantly amazed with just how much we love this neighborhood!
– The Vogel Family

Jessica Head

When my husband and I began searching for a home in 2023, we knew we wanted a neighborhood that was safe, friendly, and beautiful. We found that at The Waters! Whether we’re taking the kids fishing or enjoying an evening walk as a family, we love how the beauty of our neighborhood encourages us to spend time outdoors. We’re grateful to call this community our home.


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