4th of July


The Waters, Pike Road, AlabamaWhile Independence Day looked a little different this year at The Waters, we had a wonderful July 4th weekend! It demonstrated that our community is strong and thriving even during these difficult times caused by COVID-19. 

The 4th of July is always a very popular holiday at The Waters that residents love to celebrate in a big way. We couldn’t let it go by without some sort of distanced neighborhood event, so we decided that the main event this year would be our golf cart parade. The parade provided an easy way to have a bit of normalcy while also encouraging distancing. Each golf cart just had to stay a pool noodle’s length apart!  

What the 4th of July looked like at The Waters in 2020

Our golf cart parade included about 120 golf carts and a few tricycles. Families that weren’t in the parade gathered on their porches to watch. Despite the fact that we were distancing, the mood during the parade was amazing. It seemed like everyone was excited to get out and do something different. At the same time though, we were doing something “normal” for us since the parade has been a neighborhood tradition for over a decade.

For safety, we lined golf carts up in two rows. As participants got ready to head out for the parade, we encouraged everyone to stay in their carts and stay distanced from other families. It all worked out very well, and we loved to see carts and people decked out in 4th of July décor. We erected a giant balloon arch at the start of the parade to create a very festive atmosphere.

The Waters, Pike Road, AlabamaTypically, we have a huge neighborhood potluck at the end of the parade, but of course, that wasn’t possible this year. In lieu of that, our neighborhood coffee shop, Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop, made extra breakfast items available and set up lots of outdoor seating and tents. After the parade, neighbors were able to grab food to go, or they could enjoy a distanced breakfast on the sidewalk of the town center. 

Another thing we missed out on this year due to the pandemic was SUMMERFEST that is normally put on by the Town of Pike Road and held at The Waters. It includes a huge fireworks show that’s open to the public. While many people missed this event, our neighbors were resilient and found other ways to celebrate. Several people got together on each side of the neighborhood and put on a nearly professional fireworks show. 

Some of our best outdoor amenities include our lakes and lakeshores, and we were particularly thankful for those on the night of the 4th. The lakeshores provided the perfect places to gather in a socially distanced manner to watch the fireworks show created by residents of The Waters. 

While the 4th of July looked a little different at The Waters this year, just like it did everywhere else, our residents were able to celebrate. Not only the holiday, but the fact that we live in such a wonderful neighborhood where we have the opportunity to keep our community thriving while staying safe and socially distanced during this time.

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