Summer Bucket List


With summer getting into full swing, planned events at The Waters would normally be busy and bustling. Our Summer Kids Club, neighborhood events every week, planning for a big Independence Day celebration. But thanks to COVID-19, everything is on hold for now. We know that all of our activities and events will be back just as soon as possible, and we can’t wait for that day! 

The great news is that when you live at The Waters, there is still so much to do, especially when it comes to enjoying all of the many outdoor amenities. It’s amazing that 60% of the neighborhood is dedicated to areas for parks, lakes, and other green space, so there’s always a place to play and stay socially distant.

Let’s be honest though. We’ve all been home for a while now, and kids especially may need a new outlook for the summer. Enter our summer bucket list! For those who want a challenge or just need a new way of approaching these summer months, here are 10 fun ideas of things to do, places to go, and sights to see.

10 summer bucket list ideas

  1. Picnic on the lakeshores — Pick a day, pick a time, and pick a few things to eat, then head to one of the many lakeshores for a picnic. A breakfast picnic might be especially fun and different, so consider picking up a sweet treat at Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop.
  2. “Hanging” out in Pine Park — Take your hammock or hanging chair to Pine Park to relax. Kids really enjoy this, and we expect to see people literally hanging out all summer long.
  3. Watch the sunrise or sunset —  We have seven lake piers throughout The Waters, and they all make excellent viewing spots for sunrises and sunsets. Maybe make it your mission to try out each one, take photographs, and choose which one you think is the best. 
  4. Dawson Creek Park & Playground — We are happy that playgrounds are now open again, and this one is a great spot to play on the equipment while also having plenty of room for everyone to run around and enjoy the park.
  5. Try out all of the sports options — We have tennis courts, a basketball court, and the Field of Dreams for soccer. While many kids have probably played a game at one of these, get them out this summer to try them all. They may discover a new sport they love since there’s time this summer to try something new.
  6. Bocce Ball — If you’ve never played bocce ball, try it out this summer in Welch Cove.
  7. Horseshoe & gag pits — These are other options at Playborhood Hill that some kids may have been less likely to try in the past. They are sure to love these games.
  8. Two neighborhood pools — Be sure you try them both out this summer, especially if you’ve typically only gone to one or the other. We are happy that our pools are open, and we will be encouraging everyone to follow social distancing rules to keep us all safe while having fun. 
  9. Beach — For those days when you can’t be at the beach, we have our own at The Waters. This area includes courtesy access to kayaks and canoes.
  10. Try out paddleboarding — This is a very popular option right now, so if you’ve never done it, this summer is the time. 

We hope you will print this list out and use it to help guide you through a fun summer at The Waters. It’s all about how you look at our situation and finding reasons to be thankful for having a little extra time this year. Check out our hashtag on Facebook where we are sharing pictures and more thoughts about what it means to have a little more time at The Waters. We are also having a fundraiser for Pike Road Schools that involves “social distancing” gear that’s a really fun addition to this time of quarantine. 

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 today.

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