Town Square & Town Center

The Waters’ Town Square and Town Center are the heart of the neighborhood.

Town Square

Not only is the Town Square a great place for events and gatherings, it is also the home of our idyllic mail center and neighborhood fire pit.  Our mail center was carefully designed to complement the architecture of the community and includes a wide front porch with rocking chairs for enjoying the views and visiting with neighbors.  The neighborhood fire pit is stocked with firewood for family gatherings, an impromptu camp out or just a way to satisfy your S’more cravings.  This beautiful park setting has been deemed as a Pike Road favorite spot for many neighbors.

Town Center

The Waters’ Town Center is home to a growing collection of shops and services all just a short stroll away from your home.  Town Center Businesses include:  Cindy Barganier Interiors, H20 Cafe & MarketLife Spring FitnessPike Road Dental Re-Imagined Furnishings, Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop, Century Church Offices, The Spot Activity Center and Allstate …  with new businesses coming our way.




Cindy Barganier Interiors



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