A little extra time


extra timeWhen you live at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama, staying home isn’t actually all that bad. While we are all ready for our world to return to some level of normalcy, it’s amazing what you can discover when you have a little extra time. 

In fact, we have started the hashtag #alittleextratimepikeroad on social media to show what we’re doing during this strange time in all of our lives. Our residents have gotten creative with how they spend their time at home, and it’s no surprise that there has been a big focus on being outside as much as possible. We are so thankful for the many outdoor amenities we have that can be enjoyed while also keeping safe social distance. 

We can’t wait until the time that we can all gather together again to enjoy the many events and activities we typically have going on, but until then, here’s a peek into The Waters world of quarantine.

Outdoor amenities at The Waters

On the water — One of the most popular pastimes among many residents has been using our boats. We have two pontoon boats, one of which is brand new. We also have two fishing boats available to residents. For more fun on the water, we have complimentary kayaks and canoes that residents are using daily. These are accessible via the beach area. Many neighbors even have their own stand up paddle boards. With wonderful weather during these quarantine months, many of these water activities offer the chance to get some sunshine on our skin, exercise, and enjoy the beautiful water views.  

Golf cart rides — Our neighborhood is a fun place to explore on foot, on bikes, or via a popular choice — golf carts! Golf cart cruising is always a popular activity, but it’s become a real favorite during this time. Just getting out to ride around and explore is so good for everyone — kids and adults — but it also provides a chance to wave to neighbors and say hello from a distance.

Enjoying green space — All throughout the neighborhood, we have many wide, open green spaces. While parks, pavilions, and playgrounds may be closed, green spaces are open and a huge advantage. They have plenty of room for everyone to get out and enjoy while also staying socially distant. 

Beautiful homes and porches — When you live in a beautiful, organized, and clutter-free home, you truly enjoy being there. Porches in particular are a huge drawing point to our home plans right now, and many homes have double the porches. There’s so much you can do on your porch from enjoying meals to people watching and playing games. 

We’ll all be glad when we can safely get out again and gather together for events, but until then, we are keeping things in perspective and appreciating that we have a little extra time right now for fun things, such as: 

  • Watching the world grow in our gardens
  • Fishing with dad
  • Rock skipping among brothers
  • Watching sunrises and sunsets
  • Painting on the porch
  • Playing cornhole in the meadow

Check out pictures and more thoughts about what it means to have a little more time at The Waters on our Facebook page with the hashtag #alittleextratimepikeroad. We are also having a fundraiser for Pike Road Schools that involves “social distancing” gear that’s a really fun addition to this time of quarantine. 

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 today.

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