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thankful for The WatersWe love watching growth in our community at The Waters. We are thankful that we are able to provide more than just a space to hang your hat after a long day. This is a place to call home and create a life rich in community.

And “community” is something that comes up a lot. When reading through our Google Reviews, which we are so thankful people take the time to leave us, the word community is used often. People are thankful for their “kind-hearted neighbors,” “front porches everywhere,” and the fact that neighbors have fundraisers for friends and for missions. The Pike Road School District is also a huge part of our community that many people are thankful for.

The other thing that comes up so much is that people are thankful for the natural beauty at The Waters. Scenic views, a world-class bass fishing lake, stunning sunsets, and waking up to wildlife every morning are just a few of the specific aspects of nature at The Waters that people love. We also can’t forget to mention the beautiful homes that line the streets amidst all the natural beauty.

Here are a few resident testimonials that really showcase what people are thankful for in regard to their home at The Waters.

What residents love about The Waters

“From pumpkins to fall foliage, to football tailgates and kids playing in the green spaces, we knew we had to live here! After serving in the military for over 20 years, The Waters of Pike Road is our forever home. We have the best neighbors and everyday, we feel like we’ve stepped back in time. We LOVE living at the Waters.” Rice family, party of 5

“We LOVE life at The Waters!! The amenities, the beauty, the neighbors, the school … we love it all!  Community events are always a great time, providing opportunities for neighbors to strengthen relationships.” Resident of The Waters

“When we moved to The Waters we knew we were going to enjoy our time here, but we had no idea just how much we would end up loving it! There is a great sense of security being surrounded by wonderful neighbors that we now call friends! We are all family here, and that means a lot.” Resident of The Waters

“We absolutely love our community events and all they have to offer! We spend most of our time in the summers at one of our relaxing pools with amazing lake views and we feel like we are on vacation! We even make family time to hop in the golf cart to grab the mail and stop for some great food or ice cream at H20 Market (it’s one of our favorite places to eat and our friends there make it even better)! We have a beautiful community with wonderful people and the most breathtaking sunsets over Lake Cameron I’ve ever seen! What’s not to love?!” Resident of The Waters

“We came to The Waters not expecting to stay. We thought we’d rent a place for a few months while we searched for land. The first evening in our new place, some neighbors brought food and wine and introduced themselves; and things only got better from there. We never actually got around to looking for another property. In pretty short order, we admitted to each other that we’d really just like to stay in The Waters. All this might seem fairly mundane until you consider the fact that Pike Road is our 15th location together in 30 years. We’ve lived a lot of places and could have chosen any of them, but The Waters has a sense of community that we never felt as strongly in any of the other locations. We love the place and the people.” Resident of The Waters

Why The Waters Team is thankful this year

This year we have had so much FUN! We love being able to plan great events to enjoy with our wonderful neighbors and friends. It makes every step of hard work worth it. 

This year we enjoyed another round of Music in May; summer activities like movie nights under the stars and our first ever Dive in Movie; Flips & Food Trucks benefitting Habitat for Humanity; Pike Road’s SUMMERFEST celebration; and the Witches Ride & Halloween fest benefitting the American Cancer Society. We were also thankful to act as the host site for this year’s 8th Annual Plein Air Paint Out with the Town of Pike Road.

And the year is not over yet. Christmas is a stunning time of year at The Waters, and our neighbors have organized a wonderful Christmas on the Square event that everyone is looking forward to. We are so thankful for all of the residents of The Waters, and we love enjoying all of the events and amenities of our neighborhood right alongside you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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