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New Home Agent Becky Haigler was recently featured in Stroll Magazine with her best pal, Cosmo! Read their story below. 

Hello, everyone! My name is Cosmo. I’m a Jack Russel terrier, I just turned nine years old, and I love living here in The Waters with my mom, Becky Haigler! Becky and I have been together since I was a little puppy. She had previously owned a Jack Russell terrier, so she was already familiar with how crazy and wild my breed is! She named me “Cosmo” after Donald O’Connor’s character in the comedy “Singin’ in the Rain.” Becky told me that “Make ‘em Laugh,” a song from “Singin’ in the Rain,” perfectly describes her life with me!

Becky knew from day one that I would be a big, furry handful! So, after she got me, she immediately started taking me to obedience training at a local dog club. I’m proud to say that I have passed every level of obedience training and received my Canine Good Citizenship title! I’ve also done a little agility training, but even after all that training, I can still be stubborn. Becky has discovered that food is the most effective way to make me behave when I don’t feel like listening to her. What can I say? I’ll do anything for food! I may look like a happy little dog, but don’t let my cuteness deceive you! I have a growl I use when I’m feeling like a grumpy old man, and I get annoyed if I think someone is invading my space – I’ll get all huffy and move somewhere else.

Fortunately, I have good qualities, too! I have a great life. I go to doggie daycare at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital during the day, and I sleep in the bed with Becky at night. I have an adorable dog sweater that I wear when it gets cold outside. Becky also gives me treats when I come inside the house. I’ve tried to go outside and come right back in to get more treats, but that never seems to work! But does that stop me from persistently aggravating Becky by playing “How Many Times Can I Get in and Out the Door?” No way!

Let me tell you how clever I am. You see, Becky and I live on a corner lot that is fully fenced in. We also have cameras covering the entire house. Sometimes I like to go outside from the back door and then run around to the front door when I am ready to come inside. Well, one day, I decided that it was time to go inside, so I ran up to the front door. However, Becky was busy cooking and couldn’t leave the stove. So, she pulled up the doorbell camera and said, “Cosmo, go around back!” I immediately zipped around the house and came tearing through the open back door. Becky was shocked and almost fell over when she realized that I obeyed her command from the doorbell! She tried this method again when I wanted to come inside from the back door. She spoke into the back porch camera and said, “Cosmo, come around front!” I obediently ran up to the front door! If my next-door neighbors are reading this article, I promise that Becky is not crazy for talking to her dog through the cameras! I’m just an obedient boy! I have the best mamma ever! She will turn on the shower when I want fresh water and always feeds me when I let her know that it’s time to eat!

I love everything about The Waters! Well, almost everything. There is this one cat who likes to antagonize me, and I have a very special bark that I use whenever I see it. Hopefully, that annoying cat will learn its lesson soon! When I’m not trying to put that cat in its place, I like to perch up on the front steps, observe my domain, and keep a watchful eye on the alley across the street. Of course, I always look forward to riding in the golf cart! And one last thing. I love working with the folks at New Waters Realty. Mamma is a Realtor and a sales agent for their New Homes Team, and she lets me give video tours of the new homes and show off all their features. You may have seen me on Instagram or Facebook. I’m a total ham for the camera!

See you around the neighborhood!

Source: Stroll, N2 Publishing





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