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While The Waters always has a certain magical quality to it, it comes to life during the holiday season. As a result, this new home community is the perfect spot to host an unforgettable Thanksgiving Day celebration with friends and loved ones. 


The Waters: A Perfect Backdrop For Your Friends & Family

A family-friendly neighborhood, The Waters is perfect for hosting a thanksgiving celebration where the whole family is invited–including your four-legged friends. There are many reasons why this spot is primed for festivities. 

  • Each home is equipped with a range of entertainment and gathering spaces, from large, well-equipped kitchens to spacious porches for outdoor drinks and dining.
  • The stunning views of the area make for the perfect backdrop to any celebrations (and photographs you might take during the day).
  • The Waters is the kind of place where neighbors become friends, and passersby always wave and say hello. As a result, you can enjoy a true community feel during the holidays.
  • Residents and their guests have access to a wide range of amenities to enjoy during the holidays. 


Fun For The Whole Family

There is a wide range of on-site amenities throughout the Waters that can be enjoyed year-round, while also on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving. For example, you can you and your guests can: 

  • Explore the great outdoors by exploring the landscaped parks, lakeshore, or forested areas within the multi-acre grounds. (Pro Tip: A long walk can be a great way to build up your appetite.) Children will also love hanging out at the many on-site playgrounds.
  • Embrace the many joys of living lakeside by heading over to the boat house, perhaps partaking in water activities or simply soaking in the beauty of the area.
  • Stop by the Town Center for a spot of shopping and a bite to eat. For example, you could grab a hot chocolate from the Hole in the Wall Coffee shop or do some last-minute shopping at one of the boutiques.
  • Attend exciting and family-friendly events at the Town Square, or venture out to explore the charming town of Pike Road.


Being a Great Host is Easy At The Waters

With excellent home features and extensive neighborhood amenities, hosting Thanksgiving at The Waters is as easy as pumpkin pie. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, neighborhood decorations, and welcoming nature that surrounds us here in Pike Road. And most of all, remember to have fun! When you enjoy yourself, your guests will find it easier to relax. For new and old family traditions, your home at The Waters will be the ideal place to be with loved ones this holiday season.

Home For The Holidays: Find Your Dream Home at The Waters

The Waters is the place to be if you seek a top-rated, move-in-ready home in Pike Road, Alabama. From the family-friendly community and excellent local schools, it’s safe to say that everyone can find their home at The Waters. If you want to learn more about The Waters, we encourage you to call us at 334-272-3200 or contact us online to begin your journey toward your dream home!

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