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Getting a new pet is an exciting time for the whole family. Choosing a pet name, buying toys, and more, are all fun, productive steps to take when preparing for a new pet. But, you may also be wondering how to help your pet settle into your home.

At The Waters, we understand how important pets are to our residents. In this blog, we discuss some practical tips for getting your new pet settled into your home and the importance of finding pet-friendly areas for your new furry friend to enjoy.

Pet-Proof Your Home

To begin making a home for your pet, you’ll want to make sure your home is a safe place for them. Make sure there are no gaps for them to squeeze into or windows they can get out of. No matter their intentions, curiosity may get the better of them, and before you know it—they’re stuck somewhere or have run away. It’s much safer for your pet if you’ve made sure there’s nothing that could cause harm for them within their reach.

You’ll also want to ensure you don’t leave leftover food in places that can be reached easily – especially if you’re adopting an older pet. Most animals aren’t able to eat the same foods as us, and something simple could be toxic to your pet—and they aren’t going to know that until it’s too late.

Plan Accordingly

Comfort is very important for your pet, as you don’t want them to be overly stressed while they’re living with you. The first day you bring them home can be particularly stressful, and they need some time to adjust to their surroundings. Imagine it like moving into a new home community, you wouldn’t want everyone to bother you on your first day arriving.

Try not to be overbearing to your pet for the first few days. Avoid having guests over, and try not to give them too much attention if it seems like they’re nervous. You should also allow them to explore your home as much as possible, so they can get a better idea of their new surroundings and know that they’re safe.

While you’re letting them settle in, be sure that you’ve got everything else ready for them: the food they need for their diet, toys, appropriate bowls, and bedding so they can sleep comfortably through the night. It’s better to get them used to their bed as early as possible so they grow up with that habit.

Find Outdoor Space

You aren’t going to want to keep your pet inside forever, and it would help to make sure you’re situated somewhere convenient for you. By living in a pet-friendly neighborhood, you won’t have to worry about their safety if you’re going to let them out or take them for walks from time to time.

We recommend considering what local amenities are available to you and your pet. Does your home have any local parks you could take your dog to every day? Some parks don’t allow pets, and you may have trouble finding a safe place to go for walks—which can make for a boring life for most dogs. Find a pet-friendly park near you, outdoor trails, or long sidewalks so you can keep your pet happy.

Find Your Furry Friend’s Dream Home at The Waters

At The Waters, we understand that our furry friends are important to our residents. That’s why we created The Bark Park, an exciting oasis for new puppies and older dogs. This area was designed with dogs in mind, featuring two separate enclosed areas with obstacles and training equipment. Treat your dog to some R&R with the shady areas with trees at The Bark Park. If you have other pets, like cats, our neighborhood is a safe place for indoor and outdoor animals, with plenty of trails for them to explore.

Begin Living Your Dream at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama

Explore our pet-friendly community in Pike Road, Alabama. Our community is pet-friendly, full of amenities, and close to top-rated schools, making it the perfect place for a family. Call us at ​​334.600.1435 or contact us online to check out real estate at The Waters. Begin living your dream life at The Waters today!

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