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One of our favorite Christmas traditions at The Waters is our Santa in the Square event. It typically involves Santa arriving in a big red fire truck, milk, cookies, and much more. As with many other events of 2020, we were not able to hold our usual celebration, but that has not kept us from getting into the Christmas spirit in other ways! Here’s a look at Christmas 2020 at The Waters so far.

Christmas Tree Photo-Op

The Waters Christmas 2020We decorated a beautiful live Christmas tree outside our New Waters Realty office in the hopes that neighbors would use it as a photo-op throughout the holiday season. We have had a great turn-out, and many people have taken advantage of the festive scene. It was very convenient since people could come by any time of day, including after hours and on the weekend. When we had visitors during business hours, we tried to catch people so we could give them a s’mores packet to take home.

We have loved seeing pictures like this from our neighbors. As hard as the year has been, it will be a year to remember. 

Renewed Interest in Decorating for Christmas

We’ve all been home a lot this year, and this holiday season hasn’t been any different. We have definitely noticed that more people are embracing this idea of staying home and truly enjoying the chance to relax during this season. Again, it’s different, but it’s also become a very special time for many families who might otherwise constantly be on the go.

While they may be home more, neighbors are still finding ways to stay busy. Residents at The Waters are no strangers decorating for Christmas, inside and out. But this year they have really taken it up a notch. Even more people seem to be putting extra time, thought, and energy into decorating. The day of and day after Thanksgiving were extra busy with families out walking around the neighborhood and enjoying golf cart rides, one of our favorite pastimes. Many put up Christmas lights even before Thanksgiving, and almost every home is now fully decorated.

The Waters Christmas 2020We love seeing all of the different approaches people choose to take. At one home, we have a full Grinch scene with the Grinch himself, Max the dog, plus the real Santa and reindeer. You can’t help but smile when you pass by this house.

We also have many houses decorated in a more classic way with white lights and wreaths made out of greenery and red bows. This house is lit up in a way that really makes it shine every night.The Waters Christmas 2020

As we go through the last few weeks leading up to Christmas, we have the chance at The Wates to stop, slow down, and really take in the beauty of the holiday season. Whether it be on foot walking through the neighborhood or riding on a golf cart, we will be able to see and enjoy what we might have driven right past without so much as a second glance in years past. Merry Christmas!

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