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the waters, pike road, alabamaWhen creating a community and building a house, the focus is obviously on the people who will live there. The needs and wants of homeowners and neighbors are factored in throughout the entire process. While this is all true at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama, we take it a step farther and also consider the needs of pets!

We know not everyone has a pet, but there is plenty of research that tells us that being around pets – especially furry friends like dogs – can improve our moods, help us relax, and just make us happier. 

If walking or driving around the neighborhood, you’re likely to see some of the cutest friends out and about, relaxing on porches, or getting some exercise with their owners. Here are some of the ways The Waters caters to pets.

Pet-Friendly Features at The Waters

First, let’s talk about pet spaces in homes. Being able to create spaces like this is a huge perk of building a truly custom home. If you can dream up an idea for your pet, our builders can make it a reality. Some examples we’ve seen include special spots utilizing under stairs space, dog washing stations, and extra gates on front porch steps. Feeding stations can also be very handy and practical, and might be created from a large bottom drawer that pulls out and has built-in bowls for food and water.

the waters, pike road, alabamaWe love what our homeowners have come up with! We also love that our community planners, restaurant owners, and others in the neighborhood embrace pets so willingly. Here are some other pet-friendly features you’ll find.

  • Bark Park – Residents and their dogs can enjoy two sides in our Bark Park, both fenced in for safety. One side is a great place for getting energy out by playing fetch and running, while the other side has obstacles. Most dogs love both options, and there’s also plenty of shade for resting.
  • Green space and other areas – We have so many parks, green spaces, and trails that are perfect for spending time outside with pets. Time outside in the sunshine, whether taking a leisurely walk or a fast-paced run, is always great for the health of humans and pups. And, of course, pet waste stations are scattered throughout the neighborhood.
  • Golf cart rides – Everyone knows how much we love our golf carts at The Waters. It’s just a way of life around here, and pets can absolutely get in on the fun. Dogs enjoy golf cart rides, too, and many come along with their owners to explore the neighborhood.
  • Patio seating – Our Town Center restaurants allow pets to join in at meal times, so residents can bring furry friends along when hanging out at Hole in the Wall or NYC Gyro.
  • Front porches – We are a front porch friendly community, which means that not only do homes feature beautiful front porches, but we actually spend lots of time there. These are perfect spots for pets to hang out, including cats, so that they can get fresh air, watch what’s happening around the neighborhood, and be a part of the action.

We love our pets at The Waters, and we want them to be comfortable, engaged, active, and happy as well as our homeowners. Our community is the perfect place for them to be all of these things, and more!

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 to schedule a tour today.

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