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In 2006, Jim Mathews started Mathews Development, a home building and remodeling firm in Montgomery, Alabama. Nine years later, his wife, Kimberly, joined the company as the Director of Operations and Marketing. Together they handle the daily operations of Mathews Development. Their unique husband-and-wife approach has proved successful, and they are ramping up for new and exciting offerings for 2019.

We chatted with Kimberly about Mathews Development’s inception, mission and goals for the future.

Mathews Development Beginnings

Both Jim and Kimberly have an extensive background in their respective fields: Jim has over 30 years of experience in construction, and Kimberly has 28 years of experience in technology sales and development. Combined, they have decades of experience to bring to Mathews Development.

Although Jim oversees the building-side of the business, Kimberly is tasked with client relations, ensuring clients are satisfied with every aspect of the homebuilding process.

Kimberly even creates social media posts for the company: she says she received three client prospects from social media alone. “We never met these people before. They found our social media and got in touch with us!” she says. One client even wrote a contract before seeing the home in-person as Mathews Development was able to provide virtual tours of the home mid-construction.

With a background in technology, Kimberly is interested in the demographics and insights social media provides about Mathews’ client base.

Jim and Kimberly admired The Waters for years before being selected as certified builders. Immediately, they were drawn to the “resort-style living,” as Kimberly notes, and the incredible green spaces within Pike Road. Unlike other places in Montgomery, Kimberly was impressed with the ability to walk to and from school, something she says she had in her own childhood.

Over time, Mathews Development struck a partnership to build on behalf of the Waters.

The Mission of Mathews Development

“Your family’s home is our family’s business” is the mission of Mathews Development and it’s echoed in everything they do. As a husband-and-wife team, Jim and Kimberly believe in full transparency: every price adjustment and work order is fully outlined to the client. Jim and Kimberly work diligently to make themselves available to all clients — no phone tag or waiting days for a response, says Kimberly. Because they are a small team, they rectify any problem or concern that arises without delay.

Clients also receive a project management-style mobile app that allows them to see all expenses and project timelines. Everything related to the construction process is housed within the software. Additionally, they work with the same sub-contractors for each job, so they feel confident in the team they’re enlisting to create their clients’ homes.

Most importantly, however, Kimberly says that Jim is a “great listener, even-tempered and easy to communicate with.” This is important, she notes, as the central point of the contact for clients, it’s crucial to build trust and understanding. Clients should feel welcomed, understood and taken care of, she says.

Mathews Development Partnership with The Waters

Mathews Development has found a home in the Waters.

Within the short amount of time Mathews Development has been building for the Waters, they’ve built 13 homes and completed one addition at the Waters. Currently, they have three completed homes for sale and two more under construction.

With Jim on the state board for the Homebuilders Association, Mathews Developments continuously strives to improve their building plans, custom-building homes that are not only modern, but built to last. “We attend conventions each year to learn about the newest home features to use in our plans,” says Kimberly.

She’s particularly proud of a recent home Mathews built that directly addressed the client’s concerns of aging in place. Mathews Development customized the home to be one-story with zero-entry showers that allow family members of any age to shower and bathe without concerns of injury or poor access — all while making the home look beautiful and in line with the Waters aesthetic.


“Working with the Waters is great,” Kimberly says. She says the Waters team is kind, responsive and phenomenal at their jobs. “They truly have the client and contractors’ best interest in mind,” she says. Plus, she mentions, they love their community and work hard to promote it “like no other community I’ve seen.”


As with all construction businesses, it can be challenging to honor a client’s wishes while aligning with the codes and mandates of a community. However, Jim and Kimberly take time out of each month to visit homes within the state (and beyond) to view other homebuilding projects so they’re always abreast of the new ideas in their space. She estimates they view 100-200 homes a year.

In the construction industry, word-of-mouth can be potentially devastating to a company’s prospects. That’s why Mathews Development has adopted the ethos of working hard, creating a stellar home, and doing what it takes to satisfy client and community.

Jim and Kimberly

Jim and Kimberly make a great pair. Their unique dynamic ensures that no one is stepping on the other’s toes while still creating a great product for their clients.

“We have fun everyday…well, most days,” Kimberly says with a laugh. Both Jim and Kimberly are passionate about they do and love being a part of the building industry.

Although not Waters residents themselves, Kimberly and Jim look forward to moving in once their son graduates high school. It was important to the family to finish school before changing homes. But they have a loose plan on moving to the Waters in the next two years.

“We can’t wait to move into the community we love to work for as builders.”

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