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Over the last few weeks, many of us have been spending more time at home in light of the global pandemic, COVID-19. It’s common to hear about people going stir crazy while needing to get out of their house. But we’ve also heard about many people looking for projects to help pass the time. 

Our answer to these issues is to take time to declutter and organize your home! A more organized home will be a home you’re happy spending more time in, even for weeks on end. A more organized home can also help calm the moods of adults and children as we all go through these stressful times together.

To help you find inspiration, we have compiled a few ideas from some of the homes at The Waters. Many of our residents are masterful at creating beautiful, functional, and organized spaces.

Clutter-free homes at The Waters

Drop stations

You may need to have several drop stations throughout your home. To create these spaces, you categorize items and store them in one place, or a “drop station.” In this picture, you can see two stations. One area is for hats, coats, and dog leashes. These are things you need to grab quickly as you go out the door and things you want to easily put back up when you come in. 

There is also a station for swimming and other outdoor activities, including shoes, towels, and a beach/pool bag.  The idea is that these items don’t go into the house any further, thus reducing clutter.

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Good lighting

You will never stay organized if you can’t see what you have. This kitchen may not be as minimalist as some, but with good lighting from pendants and recessed cans, each item in the kitchen, whether it be functional or aesthetic, shows up in its appropriate place. 

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Functional spaces

How your home functions best will be individual to each person or family. This covered porch is set up with several functional elements that work for the family who lives here. They have a place for dining outside, seating areas, a mini fridge, a ceiling fan, and a heater. This works for them in their desire to enjoy meals outside while also having the option to rest and relax any time of the year. 

If for example, they did not enjoy being outside in the colder months, they wouldn’t need the heater. If they didn’t enjoy having meals outside, they might make the seating areas larger while not having a dining table. If you won’t use an item, don’t bring it into the space. Think about your spaces, how you use them, and make them function for you. 

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Using outdoor space to your advantage

This outdoor area is neat, tidy, and clutter-free, but it also serves many purposes. There is a dedicated space for golf cart parking and an out of the way nook for storing the grill. There is also an open carport to use for parking vehicles, but it can be used as a play or party area. Many people might not initially think about using a carport as a play space, but by eliminating clutter and keeping this space in good shape, it can be many things when needed.

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A place for everything

No doubt, you’ve heard the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” But we all know this is easier said than done. The owners of this home have accomplished the goal with several storage areas that are used for their intended purpose. Everything you see is used regularly, and always put away when not in use. The bonus is the attractive bins, carts, and other details that make the space beautiful.

Pike Road Alabama homes for saleReset at a regular time each day

This picture might show the kitchen at the very beginning of the day or at the very end. It’s a great idea to “reset” certain areas of your home each day. For many, this works well in the kitchen at the end of the day when meals are over. As much as you can, put everything away, declutter from the day, wipe down all surfaces, and clean floors. You will feel so much more peaceful starting and ending the day with a serene scene like this.

Pike Road AL homes for sale

These are great home projects to tackle right now. In most cases, they won’t require going out to buy any new items, but you will be finding the perfect place for everything and potentially finding items you can donate. We are certain that creating an organized, clutter-free home will go a long way in helping you feel better during these uncertain times.

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 today.

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