Green Spaces Are Beneficial


Traditional neighborhood development is a planning approach that’s similar to the way towns get planned. The placement of houses, roads, stores, public spaces, schools and other buildings are considered as a whole. Typically, traditional neighborhood development takes place on land that’s not already built up.

The Benefits of Traditional Neighborhood Development

The Waters Green Space

The neighborhood gets a cohesive design with a logical road layout, convenient access to amenities such as grocery stores and other features that improve quality of life. It moves away from single-use areas that require a vehicle to get to daily essentials and allows the neighborhood to have its own personality, rather than looking identical to every other suburb.

Pedestrian-friendly design means that you can walk a few blocks and enjoy access to restaurants, clothing stores, grocery shops, pharmacies and other businesses in the area. You get a small-town feel, and bringing commercial properties into the neighborhood also cuts the commute for employees who work there.

Making Space for Green Space

One of the downsides of traditional neighborhood development is that it utilizes undeveloped land that previously acted as a green space for the area. Green spaces have many benefits, from reducing stress to lowering crime. Parks, recreational areas, playgrounds and community gardens are a few examples of green spaces that work well for neighborhoods.

You can visit these places when you want to get peace and tranquility with the help of nature, or if you’d just like to have a picnic with your family. Because green spaces are open to the public, you also have a great opportunity to meet and connect your neighbors.

Luckily, traditional neighborhood development and green spaces coexist peacefully alongside each other. The Waters dedicates 60 percent of its development to green spaces, such as parks and lakes. You get to enjoy the convenience of a suburban design that fits with a modern lifestyle and walk to green spaces for a breath of fresh air and plenty of fun afternoons. Come see what a difference this type of development means for your quality of life. Visit The Waters today.

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