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The Best Wedding Venue Near Montgomery: The Chapel at The Waters

Getting married is the most magical day of your life, but organizing the ceremony and celebration can be stressful. Finding the venue of your dreams will instantly provide the perfect foundation for planning your big day. The Chapel at The Waters is the ultimate choice for anyone hoping to tie the knot in the picturesque suburbs of Montgomery, AL.

The Chapel at The Waters accommodates dozens of weddings each year, helping couples kick-start life as newlyweds in style. Here’s why it’s the venue to make your dream wedding a reality.


A Breathtaking Backdrop

When planning a wedding, you need to consider both the venue and the location. Finding an idyllic setting is an equally important contributing factor that can take your big day plans to the next level. The River Region is already one of Alabama’s most sought destinations. The Chapel at The Waters allows you to take in the breathtaking scenery of the lakes and surrounding rural beauty. Better still, the views are from up high. 

On your big day, the stunning surroundings will deliver the wow factor before you’ve even stepped inside the beautiful venue. 


Upgraded Interiors

The Chapel and The Waters neighborhood have been a match made in heaven for many years. However, the appeal has become even more incredible thanks to a $200,000 renovation of the venue itself. This renovation includes building repairs, painting from the steeple down to the foundation, and several internal changes. Even the foyer chandelier has been upgraded, along with several other internal fixtures.  Hardwood floors have recently been repaired and refinished too.

This classic venue is a safe, beautiful venue for hosting parties of up to 250 people.


Peaceful & Private

Over 2 million weddings are recorded in the U.S. each year. And while some newlyweds want a public showing in a busy city environment, most just want to share the special day with their nearest and dearest. The Waters at Pike Road is a quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature, allowing you to focus solely on your wedding party without outside interference. It also means you can build a wedding day that is tailored perfectly to your tastes.

The Chapel at the Waters can be adapted to create an intimate wedding for a small group or designed to welcome a bigger party.


Personalized To Your Desires

Finding a beautiful wedding venue is one thing, but you must also confirm that it suits your needs. The Chapel at the Waters can cater to chapel ceremonies, chapel hill park ceremonies, chapel receptions, or outdoor tent receptions. Moreover, there are plenty of options regarding decor, layouts, food choices, music, and other key attributes that create a truly personalized wedding day experience.

If you want to build your dream wedding in the Montgomery area of Alabama, the Chapel at the Waters is the perfect venue to make it happen.


The Chapel at the waters gives Wonderful Memories To Reflect On

After months of planning your big day, your wedding day will pass in the blink of an eye. Therefore, capturing the magic courtesy of a wedding photographer should be high on the agenda. Even the best photographer will struggle if you choose the wrong venue. This will not be an issue with the Chapel at the Waters. The combination of internal beauty and stunning surroundings of The Waters Pike Road. 

Besides, when you have amazing wedding photos, it will mean that you’ve had an unforgettable day to start the adventure of marriage too. We’ll say “I do” to that!

Embrace The Beauty of Everyday Life at The Waters

For newlyweds and young families to singles and retirees, The Waters offers a peaceful neighborhood in the heart of nature. Pike Road, Alabama is quickly becoming a growing suburb of Montgomery due to its beauty, safety, and school systems. 

If you want to learn more about The Waters, we encourage you to call us at 334-600-1549 or contact us online to begin your journey toward your dream home!

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