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Craftsmanship. It’s not a word you hear a lot anymore. Maybe you should though, because when it comes to building a home for yourself and your family, it should always reflect who you are, and what you value.

Good Builders are Client-Centric

When you contract with a builder, you are doing more than building a house; you are building the foundation on which to build your life. Which is why you should choose your builder as carefully as you choose the design for your new home.

Your builder should be there, offering their knowledge and expertise, without overshadowing your tastes and personality. Your home should reflect your design, sensibilities, distinction, and character just as much as it does that of the designer.  

When looking for a builder, it can all seem a little overwhelming. You may find that making a list of what is important to you helps you organize and communicate your ideas effectively. Of course, your specific needs and preferences are going to depend heavily on your personal style and budget. Additionally, some people are more hands-on than others. The main thing is to feel included in the building process, yet not overwhelmed.

Ask Questions!

When selecting a builder, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is a big investment, and you want to find a builder that can walk with you through the process. Besides the basic questions about costs, financing, timelines, floorplans and the like, you should also ask about their building experience and references.

You may also want to ask about the amount of customization allowed, if appliances can be up or down graded. Ask if there are any hidden costs or additional fees that might relate to the process. Consider driving through the community on a weekend and chatting with people who might be working in their yards, or shopping at local stores. Many people are happy to share their opinions about their home building experience.

You can also ask for a list of references from the builder themselves. You may want to ask the builder to see both finished and unfinished homes to give you a better idea of their work. Be sure to nail down any specifics and focus on the details that are important to you. What you need will depend on your lifestyle and preferences such as outdoor living, a roomy kitchen for entertaining, or spaces such as a garage, porch or patio.

Let’s face it; building a home is a big project and it can be stressful. Which is why you need a builder that can handle the heavy lifting for you. At the Waters we understand that building a home is as much an artform as it is a science. That’s why we carefully choose our builders based on shared values and vision. Our preferred builders have excellent reputations, years of experience and a long list of impressive credentials.

Why You Should Consider Our Preferred Builders

We take the time to carefully screen and vet our builders, asking them the same tough questions we would ask for ourselves and our families. We only work with builders who are not only established, but known for their transparency, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our preferred builders know how to create hassle-free, move-in ready homes built to your exact specifications. After all, our builders are not just building houses. They are crafting homes that will proudly stand for generations; that is not something that just happens. Using our preferred builders just makes sense. Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best. Call 334-272-3200 for a consultation today.

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