The Beginning of PRS


Below is a message from Andrew Gerachis on a short history of the early journey to make Pike Road Schools its own school district.

Since I joined the Waters team in 2004, the vision has remained the same.  “Build a special place for special people.”  That vision extended to the Town of Pike Road.

In 2006, I was able to participate in an effort with the Town of Pike Road to solicit “Community Voices.”  The message we heard from our neighbors throughout Pike Road was a consistent one. “Create neighborhood schools. Foster a sense of community.  Enable children to walk to school.  Involve parents in the schools. Build and maintain community support through the involvement of everyone and excellence in communication.”

Out of that effort grew the Pike Road Educational System for Excellence in Teaching (PRESET).  We sought models for excellence in teaching and education.  We focused on the creation of an ENTIRE school system based upon a professional development model for teachers and students.  We would learn from the best and train the best – throughout our school system.  A small number of us took a field trip to the P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School in Gainesville, Florida near the campus of the University of Florida.  Here we saw first hand how a Professional Development School operated.  We met EXTRAORDINARY students of all ages and resolved to aspire to this level of excellence in education in Pike Road.

Few of us who were present at the beginning of planning for the Pike Road School System in 2006 dared dream that the Pike Road School would enjoy the strong start that it did in 2015 – nor that it would come as far as it has in 2020.  Only the commitment of an extraordinary school board, faculty and staff – and an equally committed community could help to make this happen.  The Pike Road School System’s success is a testimonial to the resolve and commitment of the community and the unsparing pursuit of excellence of its leadership, teachers and families.  I am proud to be a Pike Road Patriot!

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