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County Road 12: Surf’s always up for Pike Road man

Source: WSFA

PIKE ROAD, Ala. (WSFA) – Will Pollard loves the water. When it comes to hobbies, this Marine pilot found the perfect fit.

No waves, no problem. No wind, no problem. No beach, no problem. With his collection of water sports gear, he’s always ready to ride.

“This is the 10-meter kite that I would use for kite hydro-foiling where the kite would pull me while attached to a harness,” said Pollard. “The Duotone wing foil, if there were winds at 12-15 knots, this is a great thing to use, much like windsurfing.”

On days when there’s no wind at all, e-Foiling, it’s like riding an electric surfboard.

“There’s a little motor, but it’s pretty quiet. You have a carbon fiberboard with a compartment and a battery that’s removable.”

When he’s not in the water, Pollard is in the air. He’s a pilot in the US Marine Corps.

“I’ve flown about 1,500 hours in the Harrier, a few deployments. This is what I do in my free time. I don’t own a Rolls Royce or carbon-fiber plane, but this gets close to it.”

There’s just something about slicing through the water, much like a pilot cuts through the air, that always gets Pollard smiling.

“I just enjoy number one, being outside, and using the wind when possible. It’s a natural power and it’s quiet. You’re just sailing out there. It’s a lot like sailing, surfing and flying.”

Whether it’s a wind-powered kite or an electric-powered ride, Pollard is always cruising for a good time in Pike Road, out along County Road 12. If you’re ever in the Waters Neighborhood on a breezy day, you may see Pollard zipping right on by.

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