Thinking about moving to the South? Better yet, thinking of moving to The Waters in Pike Road, ALSouthern Living put together a list of things only Southerners know that seem to coincide perfectly with life at The Waters and the Town of Pike Road, AL!

– College rivalries are everything. You’re for one team or the other, regardless of where you actually went to school. Take one look around The Waters during football season, you’ll get a pretty good idea of who’s rooting for the “right team”.

– Tea is sweet, and served on ice. … Is there any other way to serve tea?

Front porch living at The Waters

– Honey, Sugar, Dumpling, Pumpkin, and Sweetie Pie are not usually referring to food. But if they were, they’d definitely be talking about dessert at H2O Cafe and Market at The Waters!







– 90 degrees is a nice summer’s day; it’s the humidity we can’t stand. To stay cool, we spend our afternoons at the one of the neighborhood pools.






– Making conversation with strangers in public is just good manners. You’ll never meet a stranger at The Waters. Our “front porch friendly” community takes you back to a simpler time.





– Barbecue doesn’t mean cookout. It’s juicy, slow-cooked meat smothered in sauce. Our local favorite is right down the street at Bishop’s BBQ. Make sure to ask for the slaw!

– An inch of snow can shut down a whole state. You really can’t beat a “snow day” at The Waters!

The Waters offers the best of everything you remember from when you grew up – best friends and weekends, wide open places to play, great neighbors and strong community connections. Where walking the dog or taking an after dinner stroll means you’ll greet your neighbors and share the news of the day. It’s all here. We offer a new generation of innovations like homes wired for technology, wireless hot spots, and a strong and active neighborhood association. Plus, interstate access and big city conveniences are just minutes away. Make your dream vacation your everyday life, Come make a life of it at The Waters.


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