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Repost from the Montgomery Advertiser: Paul Sullivan, Special to East Montgomery 4:57 p.m. CST February 2, 2016

The Waters residents Bill and Marcie Cornwell are busy using rescued barn doors and other vintage pieces to fashion wonderful furniture at Re-imagined Furnishings at 25 Bridge Street.

The store is located between Pike Road Dental, run by Bill Cornwell, and Life Spring Fitness.

Marcie Cornwell said that her husband’s talents and her gifts combine to make the venture ideal for the active couple, and grandparents.

“Bill has been building things for as long as I can remember, and I have always loved creative challenges, especially ‘making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,’ as my mom would say,” Marcie Cornwell said. “We realized about five years ago that we enjoy rescuing and fixing up old pieces of furniture that needed some love, as well as creating new things using unusual old things.”

The hobby outgrew their home, and a booth at the Eastbrook Flea Market, leading to a fall opening in The Waters.

“The store is divided into two parts: The front part, the shop, is teeny tiny; and the back part is much larger and serves as our workshop and warehouse,” Marcie Cornwell said. “We live at The Waters, so it’s pretty wonderful to be able to walk to our respective work spaces every day.”

She said her husband came up with Re-imagined Furnishings when they needed a name to put on their business cards. The journey from the flea market to the quaint business district in The Waters involved some rewarding hard work.

“When he (Bill Cornwell) had the opportunity to acquire the space next door to his office, he did, and after some intense renovations we moved our stuff from Eastbrook, opened the doors to our little shop and invited our neighborhood to visit,” Marcie Cornwell said. “Many of those neighbors have become great customers and we couldn’t be happier about the response, especially considering that we have never really advertised. I’m afraid if we did actually advertise, I might have to work a lot harder!”

She said that the couple always has new projects in the works, some using unique pieces salvaged from outdoor structures that appear to have no value.

“We make unique table and floor lamps using vintage and antique pieces as well as custom wooden ‘book’ lamps, farm tables and handcrafted cheese boards,” she said. “Bill has renewed several old chests and trunks that would be great coffee tables or storage pieces.”

Marcie Cornwell said she is at the office several days a week, but that the hours vary, so an appointment is a good idea. The phone number is 334-315-3114.

“We have some original paintings, mirrors, gift items, rusty signage, and lots of furniture in various stages of restoration,” she said. “Mostly we love just finding cool, old stuff. Bill fixes it up and I paint, sand and make it look cute. We work pretty well together!”

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