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Pike Road School kindergarten nurtures kindness

Repost from the Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery Advertiser5:13 p.m. CT April 12, 2017

One kindergarten student in Terry Collins’ class at Pike Road School got up out of his chair, walked to his fellow learner who was upset at the next table and put a comforting arm around him.

That’s the kind of responses Collins nurtures in her classroom. She wants her students to grow up and live with integrity and kindness to others. It’s never too early to start she said.

“I want them to learn about integrity, trust and tolerance for one another to make this world a better place,” Collins said. “If they believe in themselves and I believe in them, that drives them and it drives me to do more for them.”

Collins begins the day with allowing her learners to write in their journals about a certain topic and then they listen to each student present what they wrote in front of the class. On Wednesday five-year-old Elena Lim wrote that she was a pink and purple ballerina and drew a picture of herself in a tutu underneath her story. She enjoys writing sentences, but it’s not the only thing she likes about kindergarten she said.

“I really like learning about ballet, elephants and bones,” Lim said. Her interests are varied, but Collins helps her learners learn about several different topics in one activity.

The writing exercise was supposed to help Lim and her classmates learn about the bones of the body and how they are positioned when doing things like ballet. By hanging real X-rays of a human rib cage in the windows and a massive juxtapose elephant made out of various materials hung from the ceiling, Collins creates a creative environment and little jingles help her students memorize bones that helped Lim point out her humerus bone.

Next, two students led the rest of the class through the morning activities, singing the Pike Road School song that Collins wrote herself, led the class in solving several math equations and switched the calendar over for the new day.

Parents are invited to see Collins’ class and the other kindergarten classes at Pike Road School at the Kindergarten Kickoff on Monday.

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What- Kindergarten Kickoff

Where- Pike Road School, 500 Avenue of Learning

When- 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Monday

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