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In just a year, construction will be complete and the new Pike Road School in the Town of Pike Road will open its doors.   We can’t wait!

Check out this news clip from WSFA for a progress and plan update:


The Town of Pike Road is only one year away from realizing its dream of having an independent school system. While it’s still a whole school year away, it’s a small window of time to build a school system, hire teachers and finalize curriculum. Heavy equipment marks the very place where history will be made in one short year. Pike Road Superintendent, Doctor Suzanne Freeman has the most rare opportunity of anyone in her field, and that is to designing a school system from the ground up. “I can visualize the first day already,” Freeman said.

It is a daunting task considering everything from construction to hiring key instructors, falls directly on her shoulders. “There is transportation, nutrition, maintenance, bids and planning,” Freeman stated. Classrooms will have a non-traditional learning labs, with an emphasis on technology. “Technology will be what we use, it won’t lead us, but it’s a tool we will use to help children connect with the world,” Freeman said. “Construction, growth options and teacher recruitment are my biggest concerns,” Freeman said.

Knowing how many children will attend the school is nearly impossible. From the time the first rendering was approved until the school opens, that number could nearly double. “It’s not a challenge, it’s an opportunity and we will accommodate them,” Freeman said.

The school population could range from 700 to 800 students and Freeman expects to hire more than 50 teachers, based on those numbers. The superintendent is already exploring growth options before the doors even open. “Is such an opportunity to do it right.” A deliberate right turn from the traditional educational models that is moving ground in Pike Road and soon in the lives of its students.

There is no current timeline in place to hire a principal. Teacher recruitment days will be scheduled for educators in early 2015.















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