PRS Adds Classrooms


Pike Road Elementary Schools adds 10 new classrooms

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – There are some new construction projects underway at Pike Road schools to help the system deal with its rapid growth. Construction to add 10 new classrooms to the elementary school is in progress.

“One of the great challenges that we’ve had as a young school district is making sure that we’ve had enough space for all of our learners,” said Pike Road Schools Director of Communications Ryan Kendall.

Kendall says this new addition will replace a modular building that was previously there.

“While that did help solve some problems, for us, it also was not the best possible thing that we could do. But it was the best solution that we had at the time. Now that we are able to, we have gotten rid of that modular building, and we’re building an actual permanent building in its place,” said Kendall. “This is due to the growth that we’ve had over the past several years since our district started in 2015.”

Currently, Pike Road Schools has more than 800 elementary school children enrolled.

“It’s so good to be a part of a district that people want to have their students in and families want to be a part of. We’ve got a really great community here in Pike Road, and we got a great city government and great school administration that all work together to create the school system that our community wants,” said Kendall.

The total cost of the project was $2.7 million. They do anticipate the construction to be finished in the fall.

{Source: WSFA}

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