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Addition to Pike Road Elementary School coming by fall of 2022

Paul Sullivan
Special to the Advertiser

Construction of an addition will enable Pike Road Elementary School (PRES) to accommodate up to 200 more students by the fall of 2022.

The school is located adjacent to The Waters development.

“We are building a 10-classroom addition, about 11,000 to 14,000 square feet, depending upon the design chosen,” said Dr. Chuck Ledbetter, superintendent of Pike Road Schools. “Pike Road Schools continue to grow every year. We are the fastest growing school system in the state, in actual students in classrooms, not including virtual only. This addition will allow for room for growth on the PRES campus.”

This fall, 788 students were enrolled at PRES, a jump of 41 from a year ago. The 2021-22 school year is projected to bring an increase to about 870 pupils.

The addition is being funded through capital bond money that the state of Alabama has given to all school systems, Ledbetter said. “This addition is how we are using our portion of the state capital bond money,” he said. “We anticipate construction beginning in May 2021 with completion by June 2022.”

The growth in the system also means more teachers will be added to the payroll.

“Our growing number of students has required us to hire more teachers every year. We expect to continue to be hiring more teachers each year as we grow,” Ledbetter said.

All vacancies are posted on the employment page of the PRS website, said Rebecca Williams, PRS communication coordinator.

“We are committed to hiring the most talented educators who will provide opportunities for our students to succeed. The Department of Recruitment and Retention actively recruits beginning and experienced teachers, as well as candidates considering a transition into the field of education,” Williams said. “We invite interested candidates to explore the job opportunities and benefits of working with The Pike Road School System.”

Pike Road Schools (PRS) opened August 13, 2015, Williams said, adding that initially, PRS consisted of one school, Pike Road School that served 950 students in grades K-8. “That original school is now what PRS refers to as Pike Road Elementary School located on our Founding Campus adjacent to The Waters on Avenue of Learning,” Williams said.

PRES currently serves Pre-K through third grade.

“In six years our young and rapidly growing school district has expanded from a singular school to four schools and three campuses that serve over 2,000 students,” Williams said.

In December 2018, the Pike Road School Board approved a five-year strategic plan regarding facilities, resources, and support systems. “The PRS Board is working with the architectural firm McKee and Associates to incorporate a quality addition design that is both within budget and functional for the age learners that PRES serves,” Williams said.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser



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