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New projects help shape Pike Road

, Montgomery AdvertiserPublished 12:06 a.m. CT July 26, 2015 |

Dr. Nicki Hill’s optometry business was outgrowing her Bell Road facility, and it was time to find a new location, one built for the future. When she attended a physicians-only dinner in Pike Road, she knew she had found it.

“We just really felt at home,” Hill said.

Workers break ground this fall on a new medical center at Vaughn and Pike roads, another signature project in a rapidly growing Montgomery bedroom community that recently added a new school.

Hill will use less than half of the space inside the 9,800-square-foot facility. The rest is built to attract primary care doctors, pediatricians, dentists and more. She and the developers worked with the town to come up with the concept.

“One of the things we’ve included in our plan is the opportunity to build town centers,” Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone said. “(With) each of those, the goal is to have a full service of opportunities so citizens will be able to have convenience.

“This is affirmation that you can recruit services to a town center model.”

Foshee Design and Construction designed the building with an eye on what’s appropriate for Hill and for the new town.

“It’s helping to set the tone,” Foshee architect Dan Beeker said. “There’s a lot of freedom there, but there’s a lot of freedom to do things wrong.

“It’s clear that the city wants to encourage good development and good businesses coming there. It was really a positive experience.”

Stone encouraged others who have ideas for a business or a new structure to contact town hall, where he said leaders and planners are ready to collaborate and help.

“We’re such a heavily residential township right now,” Stone said. “We know more retail and more professional services are coming. It’s just a matter of being ready.”

Beeker said the design of the two-story medical center is meant to reflect Hill’s warm and welcoming approach, with large windows and more of a residential look.

People mostly associate Foshee with downtown Montgomery because of its redevelopment work, but the company is heavily involved in Pike Road and east Montgomery growth, John Foshee said.

His company has designed a new interior and fellowship hall for St. John Baptist Church in Pike Road, which is currently raising money for the construction. The church wants to create a community hub that could have many uses for the people of the town.

“Every dollar that is raised to finish that church is a dollar that somebody had to give and may have needed for something else,” Beeker said. “That money is very precious for so many reasons.”

Meanwhile, Foshee has started construction on the 216-unit The Morgan at Eastchase apartments along Berry Hill Road. It’ll the third apartment complex in the Eastchase area that the Foshee Companies own, lease, or both.

They purchased the 12.5-acre site for the new project from Jim Wilson and Associates.

“We think it’s one of the best sites in Montgomery for apartments,” Foshee said.

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