Latest Home Trends


Tour of Homes Showcases the Latest Home Trends

The Waters Spring Home Tour in Pike Road could give you plenty of ideas. Some people like Tom Garrett say they are very impressed with the floor plans.

“They’ve got an awful lot of new construction. The workmanship’s real good and the houses that have been built are really for families,” says Garrett.

People taking the home tour tell us they’ve seen some great options, whether it’s to build a home or buy an existing one.

“We’re looking kind of at both if we could find one, an empty next-three bedroom, two bath,” says Garrett.

For others, the spring tour of homes is a chance to see what is in style for renovations for their own homes.

“I really look at the kitchen and I look at the laundry room and in particular of course the floor plan,” says Cindi Turpinseed.

Realtors say the homes are built with the latest trends in mind from the bathrooms to the kitchen.

“Some of the latest trends now that people are looking for are open concepts where it’s open between the kitchen and the living area and dining,” says realtor Laura Walter.

Popular trends also include hardwood floors throughout the homes and extra cabinets. Granite counter tops and farmhouse sinks have also become a big request. As for how long do trends stay popular?

“It really depends but generally you know- a couple of years or so but people like to update their homes – it depends on what it is. Some things maybe longer,” says Walter.

Prices for the new homes on the tour start at $249,000. But you will find Pike Road homes for sale for over 3 million dollars.


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