Lake Life at The Waters


Lake Life at The Waters: 4 of the Best Outdoor Activities You Need to Try

The Waters at Pike Road fuses contemporary amenities with lakeside living. This stunning, sprawling community is designed around three lakes, providing you with a tranquil place to relax in the great Alabama outdoors. When you move into The Waters, you have a broad range of activities right on your doorstep. Here are four of the best:

1. Paddleboarding

Lake Life at The Waters

Paddleboarding is the ultimate water sport. It’s a great way to keep fit, too. You can burn up to 430 calories an hour every time you paddleboard at a leisurely pace — that’s more than surfing! At The Waters, you can paddleboard with friends and family without leaving the community grounds. Here’s a tip: paddleboard before dusk and experience impressive views when the sun sets over the lakes.

2. Canoeing

The lakes that surround The Waters are the perfect place to go canoeing. Just launch your canoe from the community’s boathouse and enjoy the ride! Canoeing is a great activity if you want to develop strength and endurance — this activity trains several muscle groups at the same time. Prefer kayaking? You can ride a kayak on the lakes, too.

3. Fishing

Why not jump on a boat, and go fishing on the lakes? Lake Cameron — the largest of the three lakes that border The Waters, and the biggest lake in Montgomery County — is home to 12-pound bass and other aquatic creatures. Once you leave the shore, you can experience The Waters from a whole new perspective, and meet the marine life that calls Lake Cameron home.

4. Jogging

Want to improve your general health? A brisk jog around The Waters will help you keep fit. You can run at a steady pace alongside the lake, and make your way to Town Square and Town Center —the bustling hub of this community.

Whether you want to go paddleboarding, canoeing, fishing or jogging, The Waters has you covered. The homes in this community boast panoramic lakeside views and front porch living. Click here to find out more about The Waters in Montgomery, AL.

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