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Pike Road Historic School to Open in Two Weeks

The doors of Pike Road Historic School will soon open to hundreds of students in grades seven through ten.

“It was really exciting for all of us when we were able to purchase that building a few years ago and here we are just a few weeks away from being able to have classes taught in that building for the new pike road school system,” says Mayor Gordon Stone.

Mayor Gordon Stone says the process to get to this point was challenging yet worth it.

“Anytime you take an old building there are issues you have to deal with,” says Stone.

Gordon says the school was built a hundred years ago and closed in 1970. While these renovations are giving the school new life that in an effort to ensure a brighter future for Pike Road Schools. They’re also honoring memories of the past.

“We’ve had great insight and input from our school leaders, tremendous support throughout our community so it’s going to be something everybody is going to be really, really proud of,” says Stone.

The new school has officials optimistic about the upcoming school year.

“We’ll have more space on the campus of the original campus-Pike Road Elementary School now and space there. We’re going to continue seeing great things happen in the classroom,” says Dr. Chuck Ledbetter.

With Dr. Chuck Ledbetter on board as Pike Road Schools new superintendent, Mayor Gordon Stone believes the school is opening at the perfect time.

“Really excited about Dr. Chuck ledbetter. He’s going to be a great leader for our system, has great ideas, has a love for kids and really a depth of experience that I think is going to help our community as we move through the stages of growth that we’re experiencing,” says Stone.

“Our goals and expectations are that our students are prepared for the future and so we’re going to be continuing to do that,” says Ledbetter.

The new school year begins on Thursday, August 10th for Pike Road Schools


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