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The Waters, Pike Road, AlabamaHow early is too early to start getting ready for the fall season? Now that we’re well into August, we don’t think there’s any reason to hold back! This is a great time of year to slowly and intentionally transition into a new season. Kids are heading back to school, and you may find yourself with a little extra time on your hands that needs to be filled. 

This fall at The Waters, we will have several fun events and activities, and all of those details are still in the works. Be sure to check back for details soon, and in the meantime, consider these fall home organization projects to keep you busy and get your family ready for a new season.

Fall Organization Projects for Homes at The Waters

While many of these ideas are good for anyone living anywhere, there’s a certain lifestyle at The Waters that’s very unique. Our sense of community and many outdoor amenities make the neighborhood unlike any other, so many of these suggestions are specific to life here at The Waters

  • Clean up and store pool toys. We have two beautiful pools at The Waters, both of which have been busy all summer. Innertubes, floaties, sinkies, and other toys may need a good rinse and dry, then they should be deflated and neatly stored for next year. If not cleaned up, dried, and stored properly, toys like this may not be in good shape for use next year.
  • Get a golf cart check up. Around here, golf carts get a lot of use, especially in the summer. Whether it’s cruising around the neighborhood, golf cart parades, or a quick trip to a neighbor’s house to visit, we love them. But of course, this means they need regular check-ups and maintenance just like any other vehicle, so this is the perfect time of year to have them checked out. Fall will provide many opportunities for golf cart riding as well!The Waters, Pike Road, Alabama
  • Clean up your drop station. “Drop stations” are popular features at many of the homes at The Waters, whether that means a dedicated room or space just for this purpose or an area that’s creatively carved out by homeowners. As the name implies, it’s a place to drop all your stuff when you come in. Rather than shoes ending up all over the house, this is where they go, along with bags, purses, keys, and more. But this space will look different in the fall than it did in the summer. Instead of sandals and flip-flops, you may need tennis shoes and rain boots. Instead of the beach bag, set up book bags and other school gear. 
  • Deep clean porches and patios. We love porches and patios at The Waters, and many home plans feature wonderful outdoor spaces. No matter how beautiful they are, the normal dust, pollen, leaves, and other debris can build up. Heading into fall is a great time to give floors, chairs, tables, and more a good cleaning so that porches and patios will be refreshed and ready for fall decorations.
  • Trade out summer porch décor for fall fun. Once you’ve gotten everything cleaned up, you may be ready for the summer potted plants to go and other summer decor to be put away until next year. While August may be a little too early for pumpkins and mums, it’s helpful to have everything set and ready to go. It may also be a good time to trade out seasonal pillows, planters, wreathes, and other features. 

Taking some time to organize and get ready for fall will be worth it in a few weeks when cooler weather and changing leaves are upon us. Our homes will be neat, tidy, organized, and ready for fall fun!

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 to schedule a tour today.

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