This article from StyleBlueprint is giving us wonderful ideas for a fondue party at The Waters! We’ve highlighted our favorite ideas below.


Looking for dinner party theme that looks far more intricate than it actually is? An all-in fondue fête fulfills hostess duties without over-the-top table settings or elaborate recipes. Whether in the form of a happy hour, a Sunday watch party or a cozy night in for the family, this set-up naturally invites interaction and participation — a recipe that truly brings everyone together!

Bring on the fondue burners and stir up a leisurely get-together with decadent beverages and bites.

  1. Have two fondue pots — one at either end of the table for easy access
  2. Mini plates allow guests to add several bites to their plate at a time
  3. Bring color to the table with brightly colored fruits
  4. Chocolate fondue … Yes!
  5. Invite guests to bring their favorite dippers
  6. Add name tags to the dipping sticks to make each guest feel extra special
  7. Serve two signature cocktails to compliment each savory or sweet bite

    StyleBlueprint When’s our next Fondue Party??

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