Pike Road Growth


As one of the fastest growing municipality’s in the state, and the home of the area’s newest school district, the Town of  Pike Road has seen an exciting amount of residential and commercial growth in the past 10+ years! With a growing population comes more opportunities for commercial growth. From 2020-2021, the Town experienced a large influx of new businesses, starting with the addition of a Publix Shopping Center which acts as an anchor to the newly completed Shops at Pike Road. The Town of Pike Road is focused on thoughtful growth and wise planning of community infrastructure and development is one of the principles upon which the Town of Pike Road is founded. The philosophy of smart growth is part of this vision. Smart growth emphasizes the importance of neighborhoods that are compact and people friendly, where residents can walk, bike or otherwise enjoy the outdoors. Smart growth municipalities look at planning from a long-range perspective, considering how today’s development will impact tomorrow’s community and region. Development values the preservation of farmland and open space and, thus, is focused on logical growth centers. Smart growth includes a variety of housing, commercial and business options and aims to preserve the area’s unique “sense of place.” As a result of this smart growth, neighborhood business “hubs” have developed throughout the Town. Check out the map below to preview what’s in each area!

Commercial Growth Opportunities in The Waters

Within The Waters community, there are a few commercial lots available adjacent to the existing Town Center as well as one larger commercial parcel near the neighborhood entrance on Marler Road.  As Pike Road and Marler Road continue to grow and flourish, these areas will be carefully developed in keeping with the architectural standards of The Waters. For more information contact us!






















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