Planned Community Benefits


Benefits of a Planned Community Vs. A Non-Planned Neighborhood

Picture this:  you’re driving home after a long hard day. The sunset is melting on the horizon like warm molasses tinged with vibrant reds and soft yellows. You tool past a picturesque nature scene, and a few moments later, you are pulling into your driveway. A soft breeze, spiked with the welcome scent of flowers and fresh cut grass meets you as you get out of your car.

That’s when you know you’re home.

Home, after all, is not just some place you hang your hat. It is where your children grow up. Where you gather with friends and family to mark milestones and celebrate birthdays. Home is personal. It’s well, home.

And that’s really the big difference with a planned community. Rather than some haphazard non-planned neighborhood that just sort of happens, a master planned community is thoughtfully built around you. Master planned communities offer carefully chosen amenities to create an entire lifestyle.

The Three C’s of a Planned Community

When you are looking for a home, there are three big reasons to consider a carefully master community such as The Waters.  We like to call them the three C’s. Master planned neighborhoods are inviting because they offer Choices, Convenience, and most of all Community.


Take choices for instance; while you want a designed community that is laid out, you don’t want a cookie cutter home. You want options that showcase your tastes and personal style. You want a move-in ready home that looks and feels custom designed. One that makes you wonder if the architect had you in mind. Homes with Southern style architecture and moss-covered oaks, all seamlessly blended with front porch living. The sophisticated, yet elegant homes feature solid state-of-the-art drilled pier foundations. These homes are built with Southern pride and modern engineering, designed to resist uplifts and meant to last for generations.


In today’s hectic world you don’t want to sit in glacial rush-hour traffic. You have better things to do. You want to be able to get to work and get home in time for your son’s Little League game. That’s why The Waters is conveniently located in the heart of Montgomery County, just 15 minutes away from upscale shopping and fine dining locations in Eastchase. With an easy 20-minute drive downtown, you’ll always be close to home.

Don’t feel like going out? Stay home and take advantage of luxurious amenities built right into The Waters.  There are 5 full miles of stunning lakeside shores, quiet sunbathed lakes, and a rustic marina you’ll want to use year-round. You’ll also find bocce ball and tennis courts, walking and fitness trails, parks, playgrounds and more. All just outside your door. Start a fitness program with friends, or just enjoy a fun-filled afternoon complete with laughter, outdoor grilling or bass fishing. Or take time to stroll through Town Square, with an array of eclectic shops, rocking chairs and a community fire pit, perfect for impromptu gatherings.


The biggest thing about a planned community is not the generous amenities though, it’s the community itself. At the Waters, it’s like taking a step back to a simpler time, when people really got to know their neighbors, but with high speed data and ultra-modern living.

With pavilions and grilling areas, lovely walking paths and parks, and shady fishing spots friendships and community bonds just sort of happen. Cool front porches become inviting havens, just right for sipping sweet tea on hot summer days. Children play together at the parks, chasing butterflies, or catching lightning bugs at dusk, building friendships that can last a lifetime. Excellent schools help prepare your kids for life, while community teaches them about actually living.

At the Water’s we believe that home is the touchstone of your family- your world. That’s why we took the time to create an experience, and not just another neighborhood. A place you can explore and enjoy, where people know your name and how you take your coffee. One look and you’ll understand why we say planned communities are better…by design.

Located in Pike Road, adjacent to Montgomery, Alabama’s capital city, The Waters is a thoughtfully designed traditional neighborhood development and is a place where people of all ages can feel at home. The Waters is everything that Montgomery real estate should be – a community that creates a sense of place, with extensive amenities and a rewarding lifestyle filled with family and friends, recreation and relaxation, comfort and convenience. With the natural beauty of lakes, parks and hundreds of acres of common space, The Waters at Pike Road offers you an extraordinary way of life while setting new standards for River Region homes and lifestyles.  Reach out to us for more information at or give us a call at 334.272.3200.   

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