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back to school at The WatersThis year, the world has experienced many unexpected challenges and changes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 brought adjustments to the daily life of our residents at The Waters.  Spring looked different than normal. Summer looked different than normal. And now, going back to school will also look different. 

Children living at The Waters are zoned for the Pike Road School System, and their motto is, “Think. Innovate. Create.” With this positive attitude, students have options for going back to school, including some unique opportunities that can give parents peace of mind for their children’s safety, socialization, and education during this school year. 

Trail to Education: a walk between home and school

At The Waters, local elementary-aged children can attend school in the same community where they live. Many of our parents love this feature of having a home at The Waters. One of the most convenient amenities for students and their families is the Trail to Education, a path that leads directly from The Waters to Pike Road Elementary School. The trail is accessible by foot, bike, and even golf cart. It is open year-round and offers a car-free route between home and school.

During this season of the coronavirus pandemic, the trail offers a fun way for children to get to school in a socially distanced way, no buses necessary. Students can enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine as they go to and from school each day.

More about Pike Road Schools & the 2020 school year

The Pike Road School System is one of the top school systems in Alabama. Opened in 2015, the school offers both a first-rate education and a large variety of after-school opportunities. It serves students attending preschool through high school. Pike Road Elementary opened in August of 2015 and serves kindergarten through 3rd grade. 

This year, Pike Road Schools will offer three learning options, including traditional, remote, and blended. While it’s a difficult decision for many families to make, we are thankful that living at The Waters allows us to make any of these options work. Students attending in person at Pike Road Elementary can utilize the Trail to Education for a socially distant commute, as mentioned above. 

With remote or blended learning, students will be spending a lot of time at home doing school work and attending class virtually. The homes at The Waters are known for their big, beautiful porches and decks, which will make wonderful spots to take learning outside. And when it’s time for P.E. class at home, there are so many options. From parks, playgrounds, and wide-open green spaces to our tennis courts, basketball court, and soccer field, there are many areas throughout the neighborhood where students can get outside and be active while staying distanced.

Despite the changes for this year, we hope our residents and their families can get excited about going back to school. At The Waters, we always try to look on the bright side of every situation, and figuring out how to go to school during an ongoing pandemic is no different. With our Trail to Education, beautiful homes for remote learning, and outdoor amenities, we will make it a great year.

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 to schedule a tour today.

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