A Good Day for Students


From the Town of Pike Road:

A Message from Mayor Stone

Dear Friends:

The Town of Pike Road is honored to announce that the Georgia Washington School located just north of the Pike Road Town Hall will soon join the Pike Road School (PRS) system. Bringing this outstanding, historic school into Pike Road is a sound financial and educational investment that will pay great dividends for our students, our community and our future.

Great for Students

It is a great day for our students, our school system and our community. The Georgia Washington campus gives PRS the immediate capacity to provide classrooms for over 600 students. Students will benefit from the school system’s ability to offer enhanced academic, artistic and athletic programs. The Georgia Washington campus provides the opportunity for expanded curriculum options and the space necessary to continue to excel in innovation.

Great for the Community

We are proud to see the Pike Road School system growing without massive capital expenditure and, all the while, continuing to serve students. This $11.25 million dollar investment, including the current Georgia Washington school, 23 acres and untold opportunities, is the right choice for Pike Road. It is a significant step forward in our commitment to provide quality educational opportunities to all our students, without the need to ask citizens to approve additional revenue measures.

The addition of the Georgia Washington School aligns perfectly with the Town of Pike Road’s comprehensive plan. The purchase provides a much-needed campus in the important Mt. Meigs and Merry communities, strategically distributing educational investments across the geographic spectrum of the municipality.

Partnerships Mean Progress

As we celebrate this expansion of the growing Pike Road Schools system, we also celebrate our strengthened partnership with the Montgomery Public Schools System. The result is a win-win for both communities. By working together, we can improve bottom-line benefits for all citizens. Along with creating opportunities for PRS students, the agreement also ensures that the dedicated employees serving at Georgia Washington and the Montgomery Public Schools students currently attending classes at the campus will have their needs met without interruption, seamlessly transitioning to other facilities within MPS.

Honoring History

Understanding and preserving the history of the Georgia Washington School is a crucial part of this transition. The Town of Pike Road and the Pike Road Schools system will honor the contributions of Georgia Washington, who knew that to invest in the youth of a community is to invest in its future. From the first schoolhouse to the Peoples Village School, to the current Georgia Washington Junior High School, generations of students have been educated and encouraged. Students have dreamed, achieved, and grown into contributors to our society and local community. We hope to remember these achievements – both in the classroom and on the field – as we build on their momentum.

This accomplishment provides great results for students, families and communities. Thank you for your continued support of the Town of Pike Road. Go Patriots!

God Bless,

Gordon Stone, Mayor

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