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5 Reasons Why Alabamians Love Living in Pike Road

Whether you’re a young professional or settling down into your forever home, finding great communities to live in can be challenging. For those living in Alabama, you’ve seen how the Yellowhammer State provides warm weather, low cost of living, historic attractions, and great college football.

Additionally, Alabamians love living in Pike Road! This community offers everything they (and you) need to achieve a remarkable quality of life. For many homeowners, the Town of Pike Road offers it all!


1. Peace of Mind

 Pike Road has a real community feel where everyone looks out for each other. It also attracts up-and-coming people who want to contribute positively to the community.


2. Close Proximity to Montgomery

Pike Road is also only 15 miles outside of the metropolis of Montgomery, and just under 45 minutes from Auburn. While you can enjoy all the benefits of a small town, you still have access to the benefits that a big city offers. Getting into Montgomery takes just a few minutes, providing access to multiple shopping, dining and entertainment options. 

3. Great Place to Raise a Family

Pike Road is also a family-friendly community where families can flourish. There are plenty of things to do with kids nearby, including visiting Blount Cultural Park, The MOOseum (about the local beef cattle industry), The Hank Williams Museum, and Montgomery Zoo. The Pike Road neighborhood is a place parents and children alike are proud to call home.


4. Surrounded By Nature

Like many small towns in Alabama, Pike Road is surrounded by the beauties of nature. The nearby Blount Cultural Park serves as a regional destination for park users. This 77-acre park is home to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the private grounds of the world-renowned Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It is also the home of the Bark Park. 

Within the Town of Pike Road, residents have access to a convenient place to exercise and experience the beautiful natural surroundings of the area. The Pike Road Natural Trail System is the network that will connect the town’s neighborhoods and future recreational sites. Funded by a Transportation Enhancement Grant from the Federal Highway Administration, the first phase of the trail system is designed to accommodate walkers, runners, equestrian activities, and off-road bicyclists.

Plus, The Waters community has dedicated 60% of the community to parks, lakes, and green space!


5. Excellent School Systems

Lastly, Pike Road attracts families because of its excellent schools. It is one of the top systems in the state, helping numerous young people get into the colleges and careers of their choice. 

Pike Road’s school system ranks highly because of its excellence in reading and math. Children leave education with a profound ability to understand and comprehend texts and solve mathematical problems. 

Is Pike Road a Good Place To Live? Yes!

The growth of this town paired with the amazing quality of life makes moving to Pike Road an easy decision. If you’re looking to move to a family-friendly neighborhood with all the amenities needed to achieve a higher quality of life, look no further than The Waters. The Waters is a stunning community of like-minded people in Pike Road outside Montgomery, offering everything from lakeside views to unique architecture. 

If you want to learn more about The Waters, we encourage you to call us at 334-600-1549 or contact us online to begin your journey toward your dream home!

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