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09/04 - Renfroe's Foodland


Awesome news – Renfroe’s Foodland will be opening in the old Brunos’ location (9168 Eastchase Parkway) this October! Check… Read more >

08/30 - Pike Road Paradise


Beautiful views at The Waters in Pike Road, AL. You are invited to stop by for a tour… Read more >

08/28 - Hello, Hello


Welcome to The Waters, new neighbors!  We’re glad you’re here with us in the Town of Pike Road…. Read more >

08/22 - 2014 Summerfest


Great food, great fun, great people. We’re still in awe of the explosive Pike Road 4th of July Summerfest… Read more >

08/22 - Welcome to The Waters


We want to welcome another new neighbor to The Waters in the beautiful Town of Pike Road.  Thanks… Read more >

08/20 - Back to School


Tug ‘o war, whip cream fight, a photo booth and summer fun – We’ve wrapped this season’s Kids… Read more >

08/15 - PRS: Countdown


In just a year, construction will be complete and the new Pike Road School in the Town of… Read more >

08/08 - The Chapel Venue


Check out this beautiful photograph of an event set up at The Chapel at The Waters. To see… Read more >

08/07 - National Night Out


Re post from the Town of Pike Road: Tuesday, August 5th  You’re Invited to National Night Out! The Montgomery… Read more >

07/31 - PRS: Foundation

School defines Foundation as: Foun•da•tion [foun-dey-shuh n] the basis or groundwork of anything. Well we have a Foundation… Read more >

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