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10/24 - MPS Separation


Montgomery Public Schools signs Seperation Agreement allowing for New Pike Road School System

09/24 - New PRS


The Town of Pike Road held a press conference today about the new school. This is a photo… Read more >

06/11 - PRS School Board


Congratulations to the new members of the Pike Road municipal school board. The Pike Road Town Council voted… Read more >

04/25 - PRS News


Pike Road School Patty Payne, (334) 495·4108, The Education Service Committee has participated In initial programming meetings… Read more >

03/17 - PRS School Board


Pike Road in the Process of Selecting and Training 10 Candidates for School Board, Leadership Council March 8,… Read more >

12/29 - PRS Timeline


Today the site for the new Pike Road School is a beautiful grassy field at The Waters entrance.  That is… Read more >

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