How to Throw The Perfect Holiday Party


How to Throw The Perfect Holiday Party

With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about planning your parties to celebrate the season. Entertaining your friends and family is one of the best things about the holidays, but you need to come up with some ideas first. It’s important to think about what to do,
where to host your event, and how to make sure everyone has a good time.

Give Your Holiday Party a Theme

It’s always fun to give a get-together a theme. Of course, during the holidays, you already have a ready-made theme of sorts. But you can also be more specific if you want to go beyond a generalized holiday feel. If you’re looking for something to inspire your holiday entertaining in 2022, consider some fun themes to elevate your party. Some of this year’s trends include embracing cozy alpine aesthetics, being sustainable, cottage-core, and even gathering everyone together for cookie decorating or a gingerbread house competition.

Choose The Ideal Location

While some hosts rent out a space, for many people, holiday parties happen at home. But which spaces in your home are best for embracing the holiday spirit? Your kitchen is likely to get a good workout and can also serve as a place for people to gather. Preparing your dining room for the holidays is essential if you host friends and family for a meal. It can also be beneficial to have an outdoor space, whether it’s a covered porch, your backyard, or a neighborhood park. For those who live in The Waters, state-of-the-art amenities are at your disposal.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

When you’re planning your holiday decor, there are plenty of trends that could inspire you. You can keep it classic and simple, or opt for trendy holiday decor such as enchanted forest style, apres ski decorations, holiday kitsch, and cozy cabins. Of course, how you choose to decorate for your holiday party is up to you. You can make DIY decorations like paper snowflakes or utilize stylish store-bought items. Whatever you do, know that your decor will be the first thing people notice when stepping into your home, so make it special and festive.

Prep Food and Drink 

Trying out new food and drink options can be half the fun of planning a holiday party. There’s so much you can do, whether you want to put a twist on the classics or do something completely different. Communal eating is always a fun idea for holiday events, so consider a potluck, putting out cheese boards, or a buffet for everyone to choose what they like. Making a holiday punch, using winter flavors, and embracing your favorite meals from holidays past are great ways to celebrate the season.

Plan Your Holidays at The Waters in Pike Road, AL

The Waters is the perfect family-friendly neighborhood for your holiday entertainment. Our new home community has wonderful amenities, which are perfect for hosting friends and family. Go for a holiday walk around our pet-friendly neighborhood, visiting our parks, lakes, and green spaces. Then return to your custom-designed home to relax and continue to celebrate the holidays in your kitchen, living room, and other cozy spaces in your home. You can even ensure you have a separate space for guests.

If you want to learn more about The Waters, we encourage you to call us at 334-600-1549 or contact us online to begin your journey toward your dream home!

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