Goals for 2022


The Waters, Pike Road, AlabamaJanuary is here, and while of course, we can commit to making changes all year long, now is the perfect time to make resolutions, set new goals, and create new, healthy habits. When you live at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama, making a fresh start might not be too hard. With our beautiful homes, outdoor spaces, and many neighborhood amenities, you’ll have a little extra help and motivation.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for 2022!

Ideas for 2022

Many times, it’s the small, daily habits you change or improve that will make the biggest difference. They can make a difference in the overall feel of your home, in how your family behaves, and how you feel at the end of the day.

These ideas won’t take a huge amount of time and they shouldn’t be overwhelming. They are enjoyable! Things you will love doing, or at the very least, you will love the benefits after. More than anything else, they may take a shift in mindset to focus on what’s most important in life.

  • Organize the garage. We all have “problem areas” in our homes, and the garage is this space for many of us. Take some time to finally clean it out, get rid of things you don’t need, and then organize what’s left. You might not actually enjoy the process, but you’ll love the rewards when you’re done.
  • Make the bed daily. This is such a quick, easy task that can make a huge difference in your home. Not only will making the bed give you a sense of accomplishment first thing each morning and keep bedrooms looking tidy, the National Sleep Foundation found that those who made their beds every morning were 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Explore a new green space weekly. This will keep you busy for quite a while in 2022! Over 60% of The Waters Community is dedicated to parks, lakes, and green space. With acres of natural areas, we have many beautifully landscaped parks, miles of lakeshore, trails, and sports fields.
  • Watch the sunset once a week. Whether it’s from your front porch, in a boat out on one of our lakes, or from a lakeside pier, we have some of the best viewing spots for sunsets you’ll find. For most people, taking the time to see a sunset is a luxury, but when you live in such an accommodating setting, it’s easy to set and achieve a goal like this.
  • Go on weekend family golf cart rides. Golf carts are a part of life here at The Waters. The neighborhood is very walkable, but they can be helpful in getting from one place to another quickly and efficiently, and they come in handy if you’re heading to the Town Center to pick up dinner from NYC Gyro or coffee from Hole in the Wall. But aside from these practical applications, golf carts are just fun for the whole family! There is so much to explore at The Waters, so make a plan to head out in the golf cart on the weekends to discover new things.
  • Leave your phone at home and explore the community. This can be accomplished with a golf cart, on a bike, or on foot. Anytime you go out for quality time with family, friends, or just by yourself, leave your phone at home. Take a break from music, podcasts, or talking on the phone and just enjoy nature, the scenery, and all that you’ll see if you truly look.
  • Start a neighborhood walking club. You won’t find a better spot for walking than The Waters. Whether you grab one friend or ten, when you start walking regularly and with  commitment, others will want to join in. We have miles of extra wide sidewalks and five miles of lakeshore where you can get started.

We hope it’s a year focused on family, community, and all that our beautiful neighborhood has to offer! If you have aspirations regarding health, fitness, spending more time outside, or spending more quality time for family and friends, you’ll be set for success at The Waters.

Why settle for anything less? Your family deserves the best at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. Call 334-272-3200 to schedule a tour today.

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