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11/06 - PRS: Progress!


In anticipation of tonight’s Pike Road School system meeting, we decided to check out the construction progress at the school. Take a… Read more >

10/07 - PRS: Walls are up


“School is a building that has four walls … with tomorrow inside.” – Lon Watters Check out our… Read more >

08/15 - PRS: Countdown


In just a year, construction will be complete and the new Pike Road School in the Town of… Read more >

07/31 - PRS: Foundation

School defines Foundation as: Foun•da•tion [foun-dey-shuh n] the basis or groundwork of anything. Well we have a Foundation… Read more >

06/22 - PRS Update


Below is an update, from The Town of Pike Road, on the new Pike Road School: We look… Read more >

05/11 - PRS Construction Update


The new Pike Road School is well under construction off Okfuski Trail in Pike Road, Alabama. We are… Read more >

02/28 - PRS Construction


New Pike Road School photos are loaded. Thanks to Elevated Perceptions for the amazing aerial shots. You can… Read more >

02/26 - PRS Superintendent


Repost from The Town of Pike Road Pike Road Welcomes its First Superintendent, Dr. Suzanne Freeman   After… Read more >

02/20 - Dr. Suzanne Freeman Interview


Tomorrow night will be the last interview for the Pike Road School Superintendent position.  The public is invited… Read more >

02/20 - PRS Construction Begins


Did you hear the news?  The school construction work is well underway.  Dirt is moving, roads are being… Read more >

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