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03/28 - Record Breaking Sales


We have had record breaking sales at The Waters! Our sales specialists would like to have the opportunity… Read more >

03/23 - Welch Cove Lots


We have new lots under development on Lake Cameron Drive in the Welch Cove Hamlet of The Waters. … Read more >

03/21 - Welcome Home


We want to welcome our new Lucas Point homeowners to The Waters in Pike Road AL! We are… Read more >

03/17 - PRS School Board


Pike Road in the Process of Selecting and Training 10 Candidates for School Board, Leadership Council March 8,… Read more >

03/17 - Afternoon Stroll


It’s the perfect afternoon for a stroll at The Waters! At The Waters, we not only respect nature,… Read more >

03/05 - Pike Road Trails


Did you know…………The Pike Road Natural Trail is a system of multi-use, natural-surface trails which, when complete, will… Read more >

03/04 - Bass Fishing at The Waters


Chad Hoover with KayakBassinTV made a visit to The Waters last year and we had so much fun… Read more >

03/02 - Tennis Events


A message from Walter Corbitt regarding Tennis at The Waters…  Mike Darnell is hosting a class for beginners… Read more >

02/28 - Bark Park Feature


The Montgomery Independent features Mike Darnell and Cuppie Joy at The Waters Bark Park in Pike Road AL

02/23 - Welcome Home


We are excited to welcome another new homeowner to The Waters!

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